Gold VS Crypto Investments

Gold. It looks cool but what’s the actual use of gold other than being a store of value currently?
So many things, mostly used as a conductor in medical appliances and computer chips, used in satellites and spacecrafts in certain applications to protect from solar radiation.

So, the demand will be there longterm no doubt but still you might need to zoom out a bit. IMO it’s not a longterm investment with the acceleration of deep-sea mining this year.
It’s an untapped area. No body talks about. Regardless, MIT predicts deep-sea mining will be widespread by 2040.

Look up vacuuming up manganese clusters / Breaking up sea floor crust / Collecting deposits near hydrothermal vents. This is not science fiction. It is applied science.
For the older generations this might not mean a thing but c’mon… I’m 27, why would I invest in gold when there’s 9 pounds of it for each single person?

I find this very interesting, and what triggered me to bring this up today is seeing the same person “Peter Schiff” the CEO and founder of Schiff Gold, promoting gold investments over crypto via two recently published interviews with Ivan on Tech and DataDash, which also seems like a paid interview to me.

Let me know what’s your thoughts on the matter guys and if you actually see gold as a valid longterm investment, would love to hear your opinions.


Many of us in crypto used to be Gold bugs. Until Bitcoin made gold obsolete as a store of value. Bitcoin eliminates the need for Gold. Those of us from the Ron Paul revolution loved the idea of Gold, but once we discovered BTC that all changed.


you can earn so much more in crypto in 1 year than you can earn in gold in your entire life atm


I agree that gold could still be a great investment, and at the very least insurance against a currency crisis

In UK we can buy and sell gold bullion free of tax, and some dealers accept bitcoin, we can also get big tax breaks buying gold as part of a pension

silver price is also currently low compared to gold, however silver attracts 20% VAT in UK, but only if you take delivery, so if you pay dealer to store silver bullion, you can sell it back later and any gains are tax free

I am planning to buy some gold and silver, and also keep an eye on the bitcoin/gold/silver ratios


Looks like you can eat it now…


Diversification is key. In 100 years theyll be mining asteroids in earths orbit.


More like 10 years…you know, as long as we aren’t on a dome-enclose flat-earth…#conspiracy…saturday


I think gold is a good investment, just not a great investment. IMO, I would invest in BTC until you make a fortune, then at that point, move maybe a small percentage of your portfolio into gold as a diversified store of value. However, like others have stated, with deep-sea mining, and soon to be near-earth asteroid mining, the value of gold can and will more than likely plummet. There is a scenario in which they fake rarity of gold yet though, just like they do with diamonds.


As much as i think BTC is cool… Gold still has a purpose other than a store of value…


I know which one my misses would prefer… although i may have to some of my BTC to but it…:smiley:


Love that photo of the surface miner!! So clean. Gold will still have value, it ain’t cheap to mine, on the surface, in deep pits, under the sea or from asteroids, it’s not going to get cheaper for the foreseeable future.

Sure crypto is a better ephemeral investment. But gold isn’t going to go away, I see it as a store of value long after crypto goes mainstream.

BTW, I don’t own any gold only a few family heirloom items. But I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to buying a few kilo bars for novelty value when my Bitcoins reach $1million each :laughing:


We all know Mysterium coin is the winner at the end.


Play the video and watch my heart Twerk ->

Mysterium -->

I have 10 times more gold than crypto and 10 times more stocks than gold. I would love to be comfortable enough to have equal amout of cryto but when we are at the mercy of one or 1000 individuals to allow us to benefit by going long I remain very cautious. Before diving in any further I have to answer the question of why institutions would come into the space when one freakazoid crazy out of the 1000 whales could destroy the space. And I believe that crazy freaks are a greater proportion than 1/1000th of the population.


Why are (some) people acting like deep sea / asteroid mining = free gold?

Shit will be expensive as fuck… I’ll bet you a couple of BTC the first minerals mined in space will cost 10x the same minerals mined on earth, just because space… and rich people spend stupid amounts on stupid shit :see_no_evil:


ofc deep sea mining will be a lot cheaper than asteroid mining… But still expensive.

I’m not criticizing new tech innovations, I’m criticizing people who think gold prices will go way down in the “near” future…

Gold is kinda like bitcoin in this aspect… If you “hack” it, you just devalue your own investment.


What will happen to cryptocurrency after it becomes mainstream in 5-10 years? At this point, let’s ‘assume’ for the purpose of this discussion that everyone on the planet has a piece of bitcoin or other crypto, there’s no fiat. Crypto will be used for transactions and store of value purposes, crypto will no longer be a speculative investment that increases tenfold like it did in the past. At this point, I see people buying back retro stuff, like gold, platinum and palladium as stores of value for a portion of their wealth, not as a speculative investment with great gains just as a stable store of value. Heck, they will probably go real old school and buy freehold land, I think these are the best investments in the long term.


Peter Schiff is a joke :joy:


The future vs physical?
I think you know the answer.


I say: “c. all of the above” throw in some precious stones as well. Lol, down the road. Generation to generation. The physical items could become the “family jewels”.

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Exactly all in on one idea or one coin or one anything is just a bad idea period. Sure the reward will be greater but the risk is equally extreme.

In the scenario above. I would keep 2 sell 2 for crypto and sell 1 just to go out and celebrate my good fortune. The selling of the one is called realizing the gains. Celebrating doesn’t just have to include a few beers and good dinner it could include some toys also.

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