Good lord ... search first!


This is a general PSA that you should always try to first SEARCH the forum for answers to your questions before you make an original / new post.


In the green area above… see? :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a lot of very smart people hanging around here who have spent time to answer questions already (:smile: :clap: :sweat_smile: :raised_hands:) and it’ll help maintain maximum hygiene when it comes to community management, clean-up, and pruning!

So, when in doubt, SEARCH FIRST and if you can’t find a useful answer, go ahead and be your bad self and post a new, original topic.

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Getting Started @ The Pub :beers:
Better Search? :thinking: Sure. Okay! :+1:
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in regards to site hygiene i dont think the pub needs 5+ new posts on the one crypto thats presently taking off. People should limit their excitement to the relevant original tread…maybe.


yes please. SEARCH first peoples. let’s keep the pub nice and tidy!


I think I have about asked people if they searched first or not. a lot of times I just pull a link and post to them.


I agree here totally. I’m guessing, however, that this is really human psychology. Why search for what you can ask? lol @peter is all about human behavior and based on the data could form a hypothesis as to why a people don’t want to go 1 extra step and use the search bar, and extrapolate evidence to support or disprove that hypothesis.

The question is, if the human behavior cannot be curbed, then what do we do for the sake of the hygiene of the pub?

I suppose i could probably stop posting long winded satirical responses… … … OR… maybe there’s a blockchain solution to this. Like perhaps the coin being developed by you guys can be distributed in part via achievement unlocking or something, and then to post anywhere except the “introduce yourself” and “water cooler” categories you have to tip the pub with earned currency.

but i digress… anyone still reading this? ok i’m gonna stop now.



The only other way I can see is more a wiki style, but that has its own issues


A good reminder… teehee!


I swear it’s like Groundhog Day when something like BTG/ BTC vs BCH/ Neo/ Pump Beach/ etc. has a run. Usually 2-3 of the same topic created in a few hrs.


People also get extremely offensive when you ask them if they did a search. I experience this at work all the time. A counter part asks a question about a new product coming out and I ask if they did a google search. Normal response is no I am asking you why cant you just answer. My response is because you are asking me to do a google search for you.

From my experience the people that do this are wanting to avoid responsibility because if you give the wrong answer 8 of 10 will blame you for bad information as to where if they did the search and came to a conclusion it would solely be on them. This of course is just my corporate america experience. I have slowly gotten my team to do an initial search and then ask me questions bout the information they have found. I am more than happy to discuss a topic if an initial attempt has been made by the one asking the questions.