Good Telegram groups for Crypto


Hi everyone

I’m fairly new but I’m a bit obsessed! I’ve been searching for good Telegram groups to get decent info on the Crypto market. Not pump and dumps, but more general info and sometimes coins they are interested in.

the best I’ve found is Bitcoin Bravado (silly name!), and Crypto Signals (not great english but seems genuine)

Does anyone else have any recommendations?


I found Cryptogrinders (from the youtube channel) to be good. Also, the Boxmining and ICON Telegram.


Thanks will check that out. It’s nice to have some quality overviews of the market in one place!


just a warning: use the info you see there to just confirm what you already know, or to get new leads to check out and verify yourself. don’t trade on them blindly, even in the groups I mentioned I saw people that were simply wrong but so convincingly selling it to others.


yeah I wouldn’t do that. The only time I trade a little blindly is if a good friend has done their research and tells me! But thats rare


maybe we should add every suggestion in your first post in this topic.

Then, have a poll. see which TG group gets most.


Yeah seems like a good idea. I dont know how to do that as I only just got here! But to be honest, I think people just suggesting good groups will work.


Here’s a good one


I’m pretty new to crypto myself and I hadn’t heard of telegram till now. After joining it tho… All I can say is wow… how juvenile can some people be? Great technology and a super useful app but after joining the Icon group I was really turned off by some of the commenting.


Personally, I find Telegram to be a powerful resource to take with a pitch of salt.

The good - You can get support and information directly from coins, ico and exchanges that you are interested in.

The bad - There are lots of trolls and scammers out there.

Stay frosty guys :smiley:


Yeah, I will continue using it… just in small doses.
It would challenge my constitution otherwise.


I normally join announcements because it’s hard to keep up with 20k members chatting


yeah I dont know how people moderate those groups, it must be hell


Good telegram crypto platform (ICOs, News, Leaks etc) I use is thecryptotribe on telegram


recommended: CryptoSignalistPro

reason: high accuracy 90% of trading signals are profitable. may be the 1st target is only about 5-6%, but mostly hit in 1-2 days. no pump and dump. and more important no spamming promos. you should test their history and see the truth of their signals. be careful for low quality signals that the admin is quiet by losses and big talking when profit. in Crypto Signalist Pro, i can trade and take profit everyday. unlike others that need more days even weeks to hit target.


Hi Lecomputer,

Good day to you.

You are right that Bitcoin Bravado is one of the more credible channels out there and we definitely do recommend them as well!

There are many dubious and scammy Crypto Telegram channels out there and it is vital to find ones who produce genuine and credible analysis and information. Our advice is, even if you have found a great telegram channel with Signals/information, always do your own research and due diligence. Trading is risky business and requires hardwork. Use these channels as extra pairs of eyes to seek confluence with your own trading setups. Lastly, do take the time to learn technical analysis to become a better trader.

We have started a new telegram channel: as we want to provide credible and honest information to the community.

At SniperTrade Signals, we focus on producing QUALITY signals instead of Quantity. Our targets are also realistic and our strategy is to help you achieve stable consistent gains instead of “getting rich quick”. Somedays when the market is volatile, we do not release any signals.

Our Signals come with:

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  • Technical Analysis
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  • Signal updates on the fly
  • Daily market overview/updates

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Hi Lecomputer, my recommendation, don’t use telegram. Most of the stuff its posted are either, pump and dumps, trollers and just noise. I would recommend looking for solid youtubers and forums, reddit. The Pub is a perfect place to learn and discuss different topics. Especially if you are a noob. I recommend the 10 day free course and then the B90X program. Best of wishes and welcome to the crypto community!


Try Crypto Guide group. For me one of the best gorup, highly recommended:


Hmmm, most groups are just pump and dump groups. They all say you will gain 50% or 100% or 500%. Not true: the admins already accumulated the coin before they share it with you. So before it hits the groups it was already shared with a couple of insiders. Then they usually share it with a premium paid group before it’s announced in the free group. So once it hits the free group it’s already too late. Price is already up and by the time you can actually buy, they’re already selling. And you’re stuck with a shitcoin bag. Stay away from signals groups.


I would recommend the Crypto Signals - Aggregator channel

The Aggregator is aggregating good quality signals from many proven Premium channels