Good Telegram groups for Crypto


I highly recommended Crypto Guide, team of day traders:


If you want to learn something and not just follow shitty signals go to
I was paper trading forex for like a year never used my own money tho I was focused on price action a lot then. Been trading crypto since last Nov with real money, lost a shit load and everything was looking more like a gamble than a trade but still I could see this working. then I had a few trading sessions with Seb and never looked back. I’ve regained eveything I lost now and if you just consider the margin trading portion of my account I’m well over 25x


Totally agree!! stay away from shitty signal groups


the crypto world is full of “veteran experienced” traders with several months’ of experience, who are singing the same song:

  • I’m so big trader, I want you to follow me! … all the groups of signals are just a scam …
    ha ha ha


Yeah no that’s not what I’m saying at all. Don’t follow me!! just saying if you interested in learning quality TA for yourself this is a really good place to go. The second part I think is pretty accurate most of the signal groups are a scam…lol


I trade every day and i don`t have time to check 10 coins per day so some good signal channel is a must for me. I closed almost all trades in the channel i am. You need to find a channel that you trust;)


Hey guys! just subscribe to our channel, we post accurate signals for bittrex and binance


Best telegram group EVAR


Of course, yes. Here is a recommendation from COIN REVIEW


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I’ve found Blockchain Whispers as the best telegram channel for crypto trading signals.

It has a large following that presently peaks at 92,684. It is free to join, and also provides additional snippets to premium members.
As for the free signals provided to members of the channel, as at Q2 2018, it was estimated that members have up to 175% gains on the crypto picks. The premium members have more to gain. You can get premium recommendations if you pay a 0.147BTC subscription fee monthly.

Also, I’ve found more information about blockchain whispers in this article

There are also many scams, so you should be careful.


Try this team of day traders. 24/7 service with best and strong signals based on technical aspects, fundamentals and news! Hope you get great profits out of this service.
Link to public channel:


Im new here, and want to share good and trustworthy crypto telegram group where you can discuss about cryptocurrency, foolow the news channel. I personaly enjoid it and like it.
News channel


@mark_crypto I always assume a BIG SCAM for anyone that creates an account to post a link.
You gave “them” a big black mark in my little book.


Yeh. It’s too bad he just joined. Could have been legit.