Google Authentication/2FA


I need help!

I bought a new phone and totally forgot about Google Authentication… Now I do not know how to recover my codes for each exchange. Should I just contact support for Coinbase, Binance and Bittrex or what is the best route to take.

Any help would be greatly appreciated… Totally forgot! I should have disabled the 2FA before buying my new IPHONE. UUUHHHH!


Did you keep the secret keys somewhere? When i swapped phones i just put in the keys and worked fine. If not you will have to contact each exchange to disable and reset…


You might want to consider to move to Authy instead in the future and you will never have backup/recovery issues again! :point_up:

Authy vs. Google Authenticator


When ever you do 2fa save the codes if No codes are available then you should always screenshot the QR code and keep it safe as it can be used again… Before switching phones scan the QR codes on other phone to see TOTP is same both sides… If you haven’t don’t the above you can try which may or may not work (Android) 1. TWRP recovery with TipPatch 2. Helium backup from Carbon… Authy is a good solution but there is a risk of trusting there cloud from not getting hacked… I use google authenticator and Microsoft authenticator


totally agree with this. Authy > Google Authenticator, 10 out of 10 times.


I already contacted each exchange. Now I am just waiting for them to verify everything. Hopefully everything goes smooth.


I had actually been reading up on Authy, maybe I’ll try it. I just totally forgot to disable 2FA before going to get the new phone. Hopefully I can have everything resolved by the end of this week. I guess you live and you learn!


You don’t need to enable the backup, if you don’t trust them. If you don’t enable them the accounts will be stored on your phone same as Google Authenticator or Microsoft.

If you enable backups those are encrypted before uploading to the cloud. Backups are always encrypted/decrypted on your phone. At no time Authy knows about your encryption password and doesn’t hold a copy of it. That means even in the event that the Authy cloud gets compromised they can’t do anything with the data as it stored in an encrypted format.

Authy is salting password and using PBKDF2 to hash passwords to make brute force less effective, in addition to the SHA256 hash algorithm.

If you are keen on looking at the technical aspects take a look at their How the Authy key backups work website.


What’s up with your old phone? You should use that one to backup and restore the data on your new phone.


Wasn’t making or receiving calls, so I just decided to upgrade. :weary: I was leasing it.