Got a Tip on Reddit

Is this an insult?

What the fuck is a Bitcoin? Some new racial slur?

Google Search

This is… Wow!

How do I join the revolution?

The old PC churned away, while I played games on the good one.

I won my revolution, but I’m still stockpiling arms.

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I don’t get your post. How do you measure your success?
I like to read about your success, but I can’t determine anything from your post.


You stop measuring it when you get there.

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Well… I can only guess…

@nathan got a tip on Reddit with the BTC back in the early days (when it was possible to mine on PC), then researched it, then started mining on his secondary PC.
Now he is sitting on his early-days BTC and keeps stockpiling it.

Good for you, @Nathan! Congrats on your huge gainzzzzz over the years!


I have no clue what you just posted??


You’re correct. I spent a lot of the early ones on weed though.


That part we figured out already :smiley:


Hi Nathan. could you possibly give me some advice on whether to invest in asic mining or gpu mining. I would like to get as much as I possibly could with 30,000 without just buying a coin an trading. I think the idea behind mining is fascinating and I see great potential for financial success. your adive would be creatly appreciated! thank you

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