Got my Nodl today - REVIEW



Finally after 1 month got my nodl.

set up is a simple,

now waiting until btc node is fully synced. currently at 1% lol

now anyone else is running nodle? let me know how to connect with you

LND will be synced next.


Wow this is really cool. I kinda want one. What made u buy it?


what made me buy it: easy of use, specs
1TB Samsung 860 ssd
4GB DDR3 mem fast
literally couple of cables to hook up.
find your router ip, set password
self motivated, no autupdates you be resposible for you own updates
you get to start your node from 0% no preload

  • Power consumption: 5W during normal operation, up to 15W during startup and initial sync
  • Software (optional components can be one-click installed through nodl-admin):
    • armbian
    • bitcoin core (one click install)
    • nodl-admin interface
    • lnd (optional one click install)
    • RTL (optional one click install)
    • NBXplorer (optional one click install)
    • BTCPay Server (optional one click install)

I am a teacher (certified) currently teach middle school/ elementary orchestra but I also teach cello so will be accepting for my private lessons or group lessons over stream and accepting Lightning Payments from now. Doing Business, I should stay side business.

Also 24hr have not passed yet since I started to synch the node and its almost at 50% synched.


Fucking awesome. you sold me. Thanks my man! Can you keep updating this thread with your learnings?
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I’ve got a casa, I think the only difference between this and that is BTCpay integration right?

Casa just rolled out a browser extension integration which is pretty sweet.

Let’s open a channel, DM me.

I post lots of cool lightning apps on yen that I’ve been playing around with


will keep this thread open. I am just learning, new opportunities with LND.

look what I found:
Zap is a beautiful lightning wallet which you can use to send or receive lightning payments and manage channels. Best of all, you can chose to have Zap, check all information by pointing it to your nodl.

set up and Run Joule

Run BTCPayServer


having trouble connecting to Zap for lnd network. figuring this out.
followed instructions below.

giving me “Unable to connect to host:failed to connect before the deadline” message in zap when trying to connect to my own lnd node.