Got my Nodl today - REVIEW


Wow this is really cool. I kinda want one. What made u buy it?



what made me buy it: easy of use, specs
1TB Samsung 860 ssd
4GB DDR3 mem fast
literally couple of cables to hook up.
find your router ip, set password
self motivated, no auto updates, you be responsible for you own updates
you get to start your node from 0% no pre-load

  • Power consumption: 5W during normal operation, up to 15W during startup and initial sync
  • Software (optional components can be one-click installed through nodl-admin):
    • armbian
    • bitcoin core (one click install)
    • nodl-admin interface
    • lnd (optional one click install)
    • RTL (optional one click install)
    • NBXplorer (optional one click install)
    • BTCPay Server (optional one click install)

I am a teacher (certified) currently teach middle school/ elementary orchestra but I also teach cello so will be accepting for my private lessons or group lessons over stream and accepting Lightning Payments from now. Doing Business, I should stay side business.

Also 24hr have not passed yet since I started to synch the node and its almost at 50% synched.



Fucking awesome. you sold me. Thanks my man! Can you keep updating this thread with your learnings?
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I’ve got a casa, I think the only difference between this and that is BTCpay integration right?

Casa just rolled out a browser extension integration which is pretty sweet.

Let’s open a channel, DM me.

I post lots of cool lightning apps on yen that I’ve been playing around with



will keep this thread open. I am just learning, new opportunities with LND.

look what I found:
Zap is a beautiful lightning wallet which you can use to send or receive lightning payments and manage channels. Best of all, you can chose to have Zap, check all information by pointing it to your nodl.

set up and Run Joule

Run BTCPayServer



having trouble connecting to Zap for lnd network. figuring this out.
followed instructions below.

giving me “Unable to connect to host:failed to connect before the deadline” message in zap when trying to connect to my own lnd node.



got it to work. if there is a will there is a way. needed to open some ports and reset my tls.cert on the nodl server using putty.

below is my public node address on LND.




Awesome stuff here guys!



Indeed awesome :slight_smile:

what I have learned so far about nodl that
the nodl is two things mainly the BTC node and LND node

  1. A bitcoin full node, which can be used for various things, such as connecting some wallet to it to not leak your addresses to some public service/backend
  2. A lightning node, which effectively is an on-chain and off-chain wallet
  3. The lightning node needs to be funded to be useful
  4. zap, joule, rtl and others, are not really wallets, they’re remote controls for the lnd wallet that runs on the nodl, but they’re totally stateless
  5. and since they’re remote controls, they need some information (the tls cert and the macaroons) to
    authenticate to the nodl
  6. channels with pay limit (at creation) are channels you created (Local)
  7. channels with request limit (at creation) are channels someone else opened to you (Remote)

Say like “local” and “remote” capacity

best way to picture it


when I open a channel to anyone, the money is on “my” side
so I can send satoshis to someone inside the channel
then, you can use what is on your side to send back to me, or to send to someone else through my node (nodl).

Open channel with me if anybody wants to.



more news on nodl.
A whirlpool Client runnng on nodl

here is explanation of what is whrilpool for lnd wallet:



LND Chanel Management



More information on lnd management.






Done a bit of reading researching about managing lnd node.

  1. Keep your nod 24/7 or don’t run it at all.

  2. if you have casa nod turn off autopilot, its dangerous to open up random channels IMHO. manage your money yourself only open channels with people you can contact outside of LN, at least until there are static channel backups. in case of data corruption you can ask your peer to force close the channel or you will lose fund forever. but wait good news come to those who is patient

  3. Invest into UPS. hook your machine that you run your bitcoind and lnd to it along with router/modem. so at least in case of power fialiare you have time to properly shut down your nod (exec(‘halt -p’):wink: in ssh. or if you have nodl it comes prebuilt with shutdownbutton. that way you can at least know that your node will not be corrupt and chances are less of losing funds and channels.

The important files are channel.db and wallet.db.
-wallet.db for on-chain funds
-channel.db for channel funds
If you lose channel.db you can’t recover channel funds, even if the counterparties force close the channels.

If I think of something else I’ve been reading/learning I’ll post otherwise too much new information I cannot keep up with.



I was listening in on a twitter “conversation” yesterday that concluded the present version (0.5.x) of Lightning DOES NOT enable you to force close the channel and save your funds. You are totally SOL at this time. The upcoming version (0.6.x) will enable that through the backup function.



I had set this video podcast up on it’s own but think that it also should be included here:

Oh, and Pierre Rochard is NOT to be listened to on the matter.



the best thing you could do now is put your node machine on the ups along with router/modem
make sure not to turn it off Do not force close channels until lnd (v0.6.x).
Also open channels with peers that you have some kind of contact with,that’s what I do with majority of my channels. nodl telegram group. people share with each other there.

And With nodl you have great support. The devs are on the nodlTelegram group so all the questions are asked and answered there.
the update on the back up is coming soon so I think it will be solved

In general I treat it as a hot wallet . don’t put more than you can afford. This is all a big experiment imo. you dont trust Pierre Rochard?

some stuff about losing funds below:



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