GPU MINING For DUMMIES: A complete guide on GPU mining


Any of you run out of memory while mining? I have an 8GB stick installed but today Nicehash stopped mining as apparently I ran out of memory. Guess I need another 8GB stick.


Thanks. I was thinking of keeping the cost down. But I suppose having 2x1080Ti in a gaming PC for the occasional gaming session, isn’t a bad idea. Now I have to tell my wife! :slight_smile:


It really depends on what you want to mine.
What the mining application works the best with (gpu)
& Enegy costs…
You may save money by buying a cheaper card but in the long run, you may be losing money.
Have a look at these factors and then decide in my satoshi opinion.
It is raining a lot here in WA today haha.


It’s cool and dry in the Pilbara. I’m on nightshift on a drill rig, West Angelas mine.


I am researching mining, set up costs, profitablity and generally another project to focus on. This thread is literally filled with so much advice and guidance, whilst mitigating against financial loss, viability, experience and considerations in choosing how to go forward.

Hats off to the contributors of this thread!


you can have a mix. although 2 GPUs mining inside a PC case is likely going to have some heat issues. even if they dont overheat the temps will effect the hashrate


Looks like I’ll have to tell my wife I need a new open air case too :slight_smile:


I am planning to build a zcash miner. Just not sure where to keep it in the house :slight_smile:


Will it be a souped up PC or one of those dedicated multi-GPU rigs?
I was also thinking of building a dedicated rig and putting it in the garage next to my solar power inverter, but my garage gets pretty warm in summer, close to 35 Celsius, sometimes warmer. My office/gaming room is a lot cooler due to free air conditioning during the day.


Dedicated multi gpu.
Will probably use one of the spare rooms I have in the house…
The garage can be a good option in winter time.


Where are you based? What hardware supplier do you use in Australia? I’m in Perth, so usually use:

The cost for GPU’s are all a bit inflated at the moment. I might wait for the newer Nvidia GTX 1070Ti’s that are coming out soon, which are suppose to give AMD Vega a run for their money, according to some tech websites.


Not a fan of one company.
I did use pccasegear in the past.
Wherever I can find cheaper really :slight_smile:

This is not too bad although I don’t like the gaphic cards used.


I’ve been searching for parts and made a quick buy list:

The above build is only 4 GPU’s but the power supply should be good for 5-6 GPUs. This build doesn’t have any redundancy power supplies. I guess it would be nice if someone on the Pub can review my parts list and let me know if anything is missing.

I was planning on a nice Jarra frame as I’ve loads of scrap in my garage. I’ll post pictures once it’s done.

Funny enough, my wife was onboard with the idea.


Looks pretty good. Don’t forget about sales tax (I don’t know if Aussie has sales tax). If you are building your own frame, you may still need motherboard riser pegs and screws. I don’t believe that board has a built in power button, so you will need a power switch.

Going with @JasonMasterNET redundant PSU will save you a good bit of money.


That’s pretty good.
You can also use Linux based OS to save $130 :slight_smile:
How are you building the case?


I was thinking of a Jarra wood frame, reinforced with metal L-brackets. The motherboard / PSU tray might be metal, but I still need to find out the cost from the hardware store. The design would be similar to the one @JasonMasterNET put up in the dummy guide above.

@ImaginaryPi, with regards to the redundant PSU, I have a few PSUs from old decommissioned PCs laying around the house, these are 400W and 500W only, would these be suitable? I just want to keep the cost down to recent Crypto profits only.


For a cost comparison my frame cost me i think $78 including shipping for the aluminum and connectors


You can saved $400-$500 on your power supply and get a more efficient one by using a server supply and breakout board: you can buy the supply and board seperate in the links above or just go with this kit:

That savings alone can get you almost another GPU!


Thanks, @JasonMasterNET, that’s a great site with some really cheap PSUs. Would you be able to recommend which model of PSU from that site that I would need for my proposed build?

From what I understood from your guide the server PSU (and spare for redundancy) provides power to all the GPU’s while the motherboard is powered with the regular PC PSU (i.e. my old 400W PSU), is this correct?


Yes, that is my recommended setup. if you are using 5-6 GPUs then two of the 1200W supplies should be plenty to run all the cards off of in the event of a failure but split them between the two PSUs from the get go.

go with that one, the platinum rated. 20 bucks more but more efficient

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