GPU MINING For DUMMIES: A complete guide on GPU mining


Just for general interest , i have had now and then the problem that the riser adapter would slip out , so i cam up with a quick and dirty solution to prevent this from happening , like i said maybe there might be some one out there who could find this useful .

im using a M3 rod


Interesting use. Why would that happen though?


Hey Peter
these are the thing i found out on the way.
If you are using the Asrock pro BTC + motherboard i dont think they really thought about the spacing of the PCIE Slots ,Because if you just stick the adapters in the slots then you are going to run in to problems of the adapters shorting out and bringing your whole system down , so what i went and done was --1-- on the bottom side of the adapters i clipt of the way to long solder joint . --2-- I put electrical tape around the adapters , because if you dont then they might move a bit , and short out your system . And --3-- i bolted them all together so that if you might touch or move the cable it wont pull out a single adapter you would have to pull them all out at once , witch needs a lot more force.
I just like to do things fool proof because in the long run you can save a lot of time on looking for the fault in the system.
Best Regards Simon


@ImaginaryPi I wonder if it’s worth relooking at some of our cable management. I think it’s great as it is right now. I wonder however if there are any improvements. Who knows. Always improving?


Hi Jason

I m building a 7 vegas rig and I m wondering if the psu need to have a total of 14 vga or if It s possible to power them with 1 vga cable with double 8 pin PCI E connectors, if its the case I would need only 7 vga.

Thanks for all your advise.


I ended doing something similar not quite as full proof as yours above but I has extra velcro straps lying around that I wrapped the USB/PCIe connectors in. It accomplished the same thing just not as nice. It keeps them from shorting and makes them harder to pull out.

My ASRock board is not fully populated yet but does have a few slots that are bunched up.


Yes, they can use the double 8 pin cables :slight_smile: Handy!


ASUS B250 has anyone tried to build on this yet? Or will I be the first one?


Thats a machine waiting to be built! Bet the trouble shooting is a pain in the ass. I feel like the board would fail fairly quick though with all the electricity going through it.


Look at all the glorious PCIe slots!!!


Yeah seriously… but at least i will have 18 cards left over to make 3 other machines :joy: Winter is here…


my budget right now is $1000, planning to add more GPU each month, which would u prefer, GTX 1070 x 2 or RX 580 x 4 first to start a mining rig.


If this is your first rig 1070’s all the way. They are just easier to get tweaked and mining properly. If it is your second or third rig 580’s as they will require you to BIOS mod them to get them up to speed and mining properly and efficiently.

Then of course even if it is your first rig and you just want to jump feet first into the fire and have all the different problems that arise when building a mining go with the 580’s. I did this with 560’s and regretted it so that is why I am advising against it.


thanks, and can I built a mining rig, with 3 AMD 580 and 3GTX 1070, etc. can I set the rx 580 just to mine ETH, and the GTX just to mine zcash, separately. thanks


yes you can mix and match your cards. So if you want to start out with 1070’s and add 580’s you can. My recommendation is to keep a rig with all 1 type of card and only mine one coin with it if it is a dedicated miner. I would also recommend using SMOS (simple mining OS) when doing so this will force the use of specific cards but simplify the setup and reduce costs as it runs on a 16gb thumb drive.


thanks, there is some good deal on GTX 1060, so like u can get 3 gtx 1060, vs 2 gtx 1070, is it good set up on 3 gx 1060. or 2 gtx 1070 better. thanks



I am a noob at mining. I am thinking of buying PowerColor Radeon RX VEGA 64. I would love to hear what you guys think about that card and PowerColor as a brand :slight_smile:


Is this a gaming rig or dedicated mining rig?


Sorry I wasnt clear. The rig will be dedicated to mining. It would have 5-6 cards per rig.


The PowerColor are decent cards especially if you get the Red Devil they have decent cooling. Right now those cards are making a killing on Cryptonite algo.