GPU MINING For DUMMIES: A complete guide on GPU mining


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I have a quick question. You state that one should always get a GPU with 8GB of VRAM. Does this only apply for ETH mining? Does this still apply to something like Monero mining?



Anyone know where I can pick up some GPU’s 1070 TI’s or 1080 TI’s? Im looking to build my first rig and Micro Centre is all sold out.

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Hi guys, I am new here so sorry if this question was already covered.
I am trying to gather information so I can setup a mining farm (up to 70 GPUs).
How many GPUs a motherboard can handle and what would you recommend as the best option to sustain as many GPUs as possible?
And then how many PSUs would I need for all these 70 GPUs?
Thank you !


You’re going to have to tell us what GPUs you are considering to figure out the PSU requirements.

A typical motherboard has around 6 PCIe slots. But there are some special mining specific motherboards that will house much more.

It appears you’re going all-in on the mining. I suggest you build a smaller rig to start and run and maintain that before jumping into the deep end of 70 GPUs when you’re not sure what you’re doing.


Thank you for your prompt reply, you guys are awesome !

I would definitely start with 6-12 GPUs first, but for now I am trying to find out if I have the necessary resources and if I can handle this.

So I was thinking to get the GeForce GTX 1070, 8GB GDDR5. I’ve seen they are broadly recommended by many miners and they can be more easily found (compared to 1080 ti). I found 6 packs from EVGA available for sale on Amazon at 6k / pack (but I am definitely open to suggestions!).

Therefore, I was hopping to find a motherboard that will nicely and safely fit up to 12 GPUs.

I understand that the GTW 1070 would require 125-150 Watts, therefore the 12 pack would take 1800W (up to 2000W). So I am not sure what would be the best option in terms of PSUs choice and number.

Thank you again, I really appreciate what you guys are doing !


there are some that can handle as many as 10-12 GPUs. that saod of you want a GPU mining farm you DONT want to do that…

if you have 12 GPUs on one motherboard and the motherboard fails thats 12 GPUs no longer mining. you want uptime to be high. id put 5 or 6 on one motherboard. so if a motherboard fails you lose only 6 GPUs instead of 12.

make sense?

I’d order server PSUs… they are cheaper, platinum rated, and reliable. one 1200W psu per rig is fine but you may want 2 for redundancy


So you’d suggest to set the rig as 6 GPU’s per motherboard, with a 1200W server PSU for them and another 225W PSU for the motherboard, right? And remake this rig for the rest of my GPUs (12 times, for 72 GPUs)?

Does this mean I need the entire setup 12 times (12 procesors, 12 RAMs, 12 micro processors and so on) ?

And another question: can I connect 2 different GPUs on a motherboard? Like the 1070 and 1080 ti on the same rig?


yes. yes. and yes…


These motherboards are going to have all sorts of problems troubleshooting. Great if they work. But you need redundancy, to ensure up-time and keeping the coins coming if things go wrong.


You guys were more than helpful ! Thank you so much ! I’ll start with my first 6 pack rig and I’ll see how it goes. Might come back with questions :smiley:

Thanks again !


I decided to test 3 different models, to see which one performs better, so I will go for:

  • 2 x GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1070 Ti GAMING 8G (105 Watt)
  • 2 x Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 WINDFORCE OC 8G (105 Watt)
  • 2 x EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 GAMING, 11GB (250 Watt)

As a motherboard, I will go for your recommendation: ASRock H110 Pro BTC+

And as a PSU, I found this KKmoon 1800W Switching Power Supply platinum rated (up to 90% efficiency) for 200$

Do you think this PSU would be good for the entire setup (6 GPUs and motherboard), or would you still recommend a different one for the motherboard?

The GPUs would technically required up to 1000 Watt and the mb and extra 225 Watt, so technically the 1800 Watt PSU should cover that, right?

Sorry for the dummy questions and thanks again !


I’m not familiar with the KKmoon PSU. One thing to check would be the number of VGA PCIE power connectors the PSU has. My 1080Ti take 2x8pin connectors each. My ASUS Strix 1070Ti take 1x8pin connectors each, but some models require 1x8pin and 1x6pin. You might find out that a single PSU might not have enough connectors to do all your cards.

I run my rigs (Rig 1: 4x1080Ti; Rig 2: 6x1070Ti) with just one PSU, but I think @JasonMasterNET power recommendations are the way to go.


It says "Mining PSUs - Equipped with rated power for 1800W and 12 x 6+2 Pin connectors supporting multi GPUs Crossfire."
I am not sure about the GPUs connectors type, but even if all of them will run on 2 x 8pin, the PSU should handle it with those twelve 6+2 Pin, right?

Then, regarding the UPS, I never heard of this, I am not sure how should that look.
I saw through comments that @JasonMasterNET recommended anything from APC and I found this on Amazon. But on its descriptions it says “450W”. Should it be something up to 1800W of the PSU?


If it has 12x 6+2pin connections that would be good for up to 6x1080Ti cards.

I don’t use a UPS unit. I’m only a hobby miner, not too much lost for a few hours downtime.


A lot of new pubbers here looking to start a mining farm. Good luck on finding your GPU’s. I just found this video from Vosk Coin that goes through a lot of the information we have here on the pub but in video format. Please take a gander.


I talked to my electrician Friday, then saw this, and had to adjust. Vosk Coin has been really helpful. Gonna use his affiliates.


I like him. Down to earth keeping it realistic.


thank you for this! I will start my adventure from here. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for all the great info. I’m beginning to research all the info I need to build my first rig. This cleared up a lot of information and I really appreciate it. I definitely still have a lot to learn. :smiley:


Would also like some clarification on the 8GB GPU memory recommendation.

I read that to mine Ethereum a DAG file needs to be stored inside of the GPU memory, and that it’s growing in size. It’s expected that by Feb 2021 the 4GB cards wont be big enough anymore ( and also that as it uses more and more of the 4GB available the hashrate slows down.
I also found this thread ( where people basically say that 3 years are enough time for Ethereum and other algorithms don’t need as much RAM, so buying 4GB cards even now is absolutely fine. I’d assume Ethereum switched to PoS by then anyway… ^^

So yea, would like a clarification on the 8GB RAM recommendation :slight_smile: