GPU MINING For DUMMIES: A complete guide on GPU mining


Hello All, I am newbie here, I found this article very helpful. I am building rigs and mining since last 18 months but right now I am facing some problems with the overclocking.
This is setting when I am overclocking My GPU Card EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 08G-P4-5678-KR
Core 1300
Mem 2200
Undervolt 900
What is best setting of GPU Card for overclocking ?


@digipointer, which software are you using for the overclock? I don’t have the same card as you, but one of my PCs that have ASUS Strix ROG 1070Ti has the following MSI Afterburner Settings:

Power Limit=75%
Temp. Limit=92
Core Clock (MHz)=+150
Memory Clock (MHz)=+550

The above settings are stable and are quiet (fans). I hope this helps.


The " best setting" will be different from card to card even if they are they exact same model and brand. You have to find the best setting yourself.


Allow me to interject…i tried to run 2 cards on a 450 psu and it would shut down after 15 to 30 minutes of mining…i went to bestbuy and bought an EVGA 850w psu bronze and it fixed the problem…might be worth spending a ben franklin to keep it running…i have 2 cyberpower gaming pc’s that came stock with a 450w EVGA PSU…obviously im a diy guy…not the sharpest knife in the drawer but the 850w psu runs 3 rx 580 cards no problem…ive got 2 @ 3 card rigs…i bought 2 850w psu’s for both rigs…overclocking too much will shut them down too
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Hey there! What do you think about Zcash cloud mining? Is this information true


Cloud mining is not recommended by many on the Pub. A lot of the cloud mining contracts are not profitable, so if you’re trying to make some money, best avoid Cloud Mining. :wink:


What do u advise? Mining with your own equipment?


There is no point mining ZCash with GPUs, you will likely not get a return on your original investment.

For ZCash use an ASIC Miner, the current batch of ASICs should break even after 2-3 months, after that there will a bit of profit for a few more months before it becomes landfill.

I have 4 Z9 mini ASICs, I broke even in 2 months, now it’s just printing money, currently 0.3 - 0.32 ZEC per day. I’m guessing that I’ll get a few more months out of these ASICs before I send them to the landfill. Or need to buy more miner.

With cloud mining you may never see profit. Buying Bitcoin and holding is safer than cloud mining.