Graphic designers and web developers needed


Good day my fellow Pubbers. My name is Demarco Saunders. I’m creating a new crypto currency company in the Caribbean region. Currently looking for graphic designers and web developers to get our website off the ground in preparation for our upcoming ICO. Compensation can be negotiated. Please PM me for further details or just ask in this thread.


Still looking guys. Paying for illustrations and for people familiar with WordPress.


What is the name of the project?


Bitmingo! Consider this a pseudo announcement. Bitmingo is a project that seeks to bring crypto to the masses by implementing avenues for real world uses cases to shine in developing countries. Starting with a traditional alt-coin exchange, we plan on implementing our own block chain based p2p system, and a pseudo forex market that uses stable coin versions of Fiat currencies. The goal is to educate people on the original purpose of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, as a p2p payment system without financial institutions intervention.