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Ah - @moderators - are we just looking for links within the Pub or external? May have misunderstood but can easily pivot and find / place them in the Pub!


any links welcome

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Let’s add internal and external links. We can sort it out later. Don’t want to lose momentum @Lance


LOL it is one of @Lance’s threads that has all three links in it.


Wasnt my post nekko but well put that thread in, lots of good info! thanks




Just a suggestion, should we periodically remove just comments so we can bunch the links together. Unless there is a significant discussion?

Its my OCD





A few category suggestions:

YouTube friends of BiteSizeBitcoin/ and/or other community recommended YouTubers.
such as…
The Crypto Lark
DataDash I’d be down to see a BiteSizeBitcoin and DataDash collaboration video.

Most used/favorite sites.
such as…
Market info - &
News: &

Community recommended exchanges.
such as… &
- could add subcategories for exchanges by country
- random thought: a community rating system could be neat too (coinbase gets’s stamp of approval!?) :thinking:


Tip Me in Bitcoin - Includes a simple explanation of how the Bitcoin system works.

I made this site a while back. Originally it was for accepting tips via an easy to remember domain. Then I realized I would need to explain what Bitcoin is and how it works. Eventually I ended up with this site.



We are getting some great links guys, but have you seen the size of other libraries. We need MOAR! Keep em coming!


Cryptocurrency portfolio tracking.
Some of these might not be GREAT but I figured I’d list them anyway and let you guys take a look.
Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Places that accept Bitcoin.


PGP Tutorial for Beginners


Tutorial on 2FA Authentication



thanks for reminding me of Richard Heart :+1: (his twitter)

Andreas is great (and on twitter)
Be reminded about the free MOOC at the University of Nicosia where he is teaching.
The course was and continues to be a mind opener to me, strongly recommend it!
–as previously mentioned by @erock in this thread (show that post some love :heart: folks!)