Greenville, SC - anyone here from Greenville?


Hello all together,

I just recently moved to Greenville, SC.
I have been living in Miami for the past 5 years and joined the Pub last December.
I have made quite a few friends throughout my crypto journey but with most of them I am only able to speak via skype or messenger.

I would like to see if there are a few people here who would be interested to meet up at a local brewery or cool place to talk about your experience. Maybe we can create a once a month meetup to share our thoughts and inspire each other that we are at the beginning of something BIG.

Again, let me know if there are a few people here and I am more than happy to organize a first meet.\

See you,

Mario aka LAJung


there’s a good group in Greenville… one of my previous companies was HQ’d there. @mcbauer is also from that area (but he’s out here in The Bay now too).


Hey - send me a DM and I’d be happy to connect you to some folks in Greenville. Cheers.