Guide | Create Your Wallet on ICONex




[ Appendix : Guide to create your wallet on ICONex ]

  1. Go to our website at

  2. Click ‘Wallet’ button on the top

  3. Move to Chrome extension page (

  4. Click “Add on +CHROME” button on the upper right corner

  1. Start Chrome after installation

  2. Click ICON logo on the upper right corner (next to the website address)

  1. Move to ICONex

  2. Click ‘ Create new wallet ‘

  1. Select a token

  • ICX wallet: To receive Airdrop ICX and store mainnet ICX after token swap

  • ETH wallet: To store ETH and ICX ERC20 tokens

  1. Wallet name and wallet password page

  • Password can not be restored under any circumstances. Take special precautions.
  1. Click ‘next’.

  2. Download wallet backup files page

  • Wallet backup files are encrypted files of the private keys. These are very important as anyone can have access to the wallet with the correct password and the backup files.

  • Store safely.

  • You may download the backup files later at anytime you want by clicking the ‘wallet backup’ menu.

  1. Click ‘next’.

  2. Private key page

  • Private keys allow access to the wallets. Do not lose or expose the private keys to others.

  • Copy button will enable you to copy and paste your private keys. Paper wallet button will print the QR codes and the private keys of your wallet.

  1. Click ‘complete’.

  2. My wallet page

  1. Click ‘My wallet (each individual’s wallet name)’

  2. Move to wallet information page

  3. Wallet information page

  • You can check your coin balance and the wallet address.

  • Copy button will allow you to copy and paste the wallet address.

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Am i right in thinking you will need to send your ICX from Binance wallet into the Ethereum wallet on the Iconex wallet?


Yes that’s correct. Always test in small amounts first.


Yeh man just tested 10. Wanted to test 1 but binance take 1.4 :sweat_smile:


Would it be better to wait for Binance to switch our ERC-20 ICX Tokens into the real ICX tokens and then put it in the wallet? Or will the wallet be able to do it for us


The details on the token swap aren’t available yet. What I’m doing is using my Trezor to store ICX until further notice.


I suppose I don’t need to backup the wallet AND print the private key. One of them should be enough, right?


I sent from binance, and it hasnt yet showed up in my icon wallet, nor is it showing up on myether scan.

Ill keep updating.


So it shows its completed at Binance end, completed in ether scan but doesnt show in Icon wallet…strange.


Did you send to the ETH wallet?


Yep. And shows up in myether scan so confirms it went to the right address.

Still doesnt show in the icon ethereum wallet.

Apparently a few people are having this issue.


so do you have to create an ethereum wallet as well as and ICX wallet? or is the Ethereum one okay for coins coming from binance ? How long do we have to get this done ? and how do we convert to ICX coins ?


Is this technically still a web based wallet or is it somehow offline?


@alexhendrickson The token swap details haven’t been released yet. If you have your ICX on a hardware wallet, leave it there for now. The team said that there will be more than enough time to convert the tokens when the token swap process is out.

@cryptolvl9000 Not sure what you mean, but they give you an option to print your private keys and so on, so you can make a cold storage wallet/paper wallet.


@Genesis thank you for the information.


same issues here…all confirmed but nothing in iconex wallet…did yours ever arrive in wallet>??


Add the icx token under the ethereum wallet by using their smart contract address.


yeh mate, see Duttydirtz reply beneath, you have to copy in Icons smart contract address and it will show up no problem.

  • three dots to the side of the wallet will take you where you need to be. Also Icon posted a medium article with the exact address you need to copy in.


Yea i figured it out. Thanks


Do we need to update ICONEX to be able to swap the ERC20 ICX to mainnet ICX tokens? I do not see the option to do this yet.