Guide | Create Your Wallet on ICONex



Hi dirtz, planning on creating my icx wallet tomorrow. I store my icx on my ledger. When creating the wallet do I select icon or eth wallet. I’m presuming I have to create the eth wallet and transfer from ledger. Any help? Thanks


As its still an ERC20 token you will need to send it to the wallets Ethereum address. However after that you’ll need to add the icx token wallet within the ethereum wallet by adding the icx contract address. Then your icx balance should appear.

Id imagine there will be a fairly easy process to swap the token when the time comes


Thanks for the info. Cheers.


anyone know if we will be able to swap tokens from the exchange to ICON Wallet
tomorrow or will it transfers be frozen begging tomorrow???


I believe the ICONex wallet swap is on the 25th. Exchanges will freeze deposits and withdrawals until the token swap reaches completion. If I’m not wrong, ICX deposits/withdrawals should have been disabled roughly 1 hour ago.


Hi All,

Is there any hardware wallet for ICX? Or ICONex is safe enough to store the ICX? Thanks!


Ledger support is in development, but there’s no specific release date. Make sure to follow ICON’s official social channels to know when support is available. ICONex is as safe as you make it. Be vigilant when storing your crypto assets :+1: .