Hack.summit Virtual Conference!



Sup everyone! There’s a virtual conference that’s happening today that features a lot leaders in the blockchain space. Check it out!

Monday, 9:00am PST - Ed Roman - Opening Remarks
Founder of hack.summit(), managing director at HackVC

Monday, 9:30am PST - Jed McCaleb - Fireside Chat
Co-founder of Stellar, Ripple, and Mt.GOX

Monday, 11:00am PST - Brian Fox - Fireside Chat
Co-founder of Orchid Protocol

Monday, 12:00pm PST - Blockchain Investor Panel
Paul Veradittakit, Partner at Pantera Capital
Cindy Cheng, Investor at Vy Capital
Kyle Samani, Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital
Caroline Kassie, Blockchange Capital

Monday, 1:00pm PST - Benny Giang - How To Bring The First Billion Consumers To The Blockchain
Co-founder of CryptoKitties

Monday, 2:00pm PST - Rafael Cosman - Fireside Chat
Co-founder and CTO of TrustToken

Monday, 3:00pm PST - Leemon Baird - What is Byzantine Fault Tolerance?
Founder and Chief Scientist, Hedera Hashgraph

Monday, 4:00pm PST - De-centralized Exchange Panel
Alan Curtis, CEO of Radar Relay
John Piotrowski, CEO of The Ocean

Monday, 5:00pm PST - Crypto Gaming Panel
Allen Hsu, Robbie Ferguson, Aleksander Leonard Larsen and Viktor Radchenko