Hack4Diamonds - ROLL CALL! - Come share your ideas :D

Hey Everyone,

This weekend I am at my second Hackathon, Hack4Diamonds, here in Antwerp, Belgium. 80% of the world’s diamonds pass through here at one point in time through the supply chain, or another.

We have this awesome opportunity to network with some high power players in the diamond and blockchain industry. My team consists of two gentleman from India/Netherlands/NYC, and three diamond experts from Antwerpen, plus myself, a Geographer, blockchain enthusiast, and student of Cybersecurity and Information Assurance. We are well on our way to putting diamonds on the blockchain. The smart contracts are written, we are using lasers for diamond identification, we are utilizing AI for data mining on the network, plus AR for diamond identification. We are utilizing the Ethereum network, of course. I also have some ideas to pivot the technology to other more favorable blockchains in due time.

We want to increase transparency in the supply chain from mine, to processing, to store/or directly to customers.

With the technology protocol practically complete, my specific focus this weekend is to perform diamond mining research, identifying those key geographic areas, and designing durable sorts of wrist bands/watches for our ID system so that mine workers and their personal identity can be included with the diamonds that they are mining. I am very interested in workers’ rights and an honest living working wage for the miners, so this design is being implemented in order for them to be compensated properly. This is an ethical blockchain project.

I am thinking IoT, RFID, or perhaps a sort of laminated paper wallet that is scanned each day before leaving the mine. Does anybody have any creative ideas they would care to share? It would be much appreciated.

If you have any creative ideas or research that you would like to share, I would love to include them in the project and also give you due credit, compensation, and mention in our presentation. Also, I would love to say that this project is sponsored by TheBitcoin.Pub, as this is an outstanding community in the blockchain industry.


John Dailey







Oh man, I’m not in Antwerp this weekend!
Good luck with this man


Thank you, sir. I’m going back to Brussels on Sunday evening and then perhaps I come back to Antwerp on Monday and Tuesday for this:


Would be cool to link up some time, Kevin. I will be in the EU, mostly Benelux until July 3rd. Then back to Florida.

Thinking of going to Israel in September for more diamond networking :slight_smile:


Diamond Blockchain Projects

GemFair - https://gemfair.com/

Cedex - https://cedex.com/

Everledger - https://www.everledger.io/

Carats - https://www.carats.io/

Credits - https://medium.com/@credits/diamond-blockchain-3a7a12335874


Please complete this 17 question short survey for some of my peers, as they would greatly appreciate your time and efforts. Cheers!


Interesting topic and possibly a novel use of blockchain to bring transparency to a very complex industry.
The survey questions was nice as well as the general trend of it was to make one think of important matters even f they were not aware of it before.
As a matter of curiosity, what is the name of the coin that is being considered? The team? Some specifics of the technology behind the coin?


Yes, sir. We are bringing transparency and providing solutions to a somewhat complex industry, to make it more user friendly in understanding from mine, to business, to customer.

Thank you for your support and compliments on the survey, I will communicate that to the younger team. They are focusing on communicating education of the diamond industry to potential customers.

We have not necessarily chose a name for the coin yet, however the name of our team is “Flinder”.

We are utilizing AI, Blockchain, and AR to provide user-friendly solutions to the entire diamond industry. Perhaps I can share our presentation after we finish today.

We have a strong partnership with Everledger, while also providing additional applications to their blockchain and partners.


We finished presenting our Hack4Diamonds project Sunday at the Carat+ event and our team, “Vlinder” won a summer scholarship to the University of Antwerp for the diamond studies program :smiley: I’m really excited about this because it has been said the diamond industry is difficult to enter. I also took lots of photos at the expo :slight_smile:

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Some more photos to demonstrate the quality of the event. Taken with an iPhone 5, looking to upgrade soon.

Thinking to get something like this after I graduate from my Cybersecurity Masters program :slight_smile:

5 carat loose Tanzanite I’m still contemplating


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Diamond Industry Statistics in Antwerp, Belgium

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One of the thousands of cases of trays of diamonds at the event:

Focus for more sparkle

Black Diamonds


I love this Brownish Green Diamond :slight_smile: approximately $50k USD

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Wrapping up with the technology:

Practicing cybersecurity in the surveillance van :slight_smile:

Robots for polishing and sorting:

Buy this diamond…

Get a Bentley convertible SUV for free :smiley:

Another Bentley photo, for fun.

How to get it…

Let me know if you need any diamonds or precious gems. I made some decent connections this weekend in the diamond capital of the world :belgium: :ok_hand:

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Getting judged on the stage:

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