Halong Dragonmint Miner Discussion

I thik this needs to be discussed. I was given advice to post this here, and cant deny many minds are greater than one.
Can anyone let me know how legit this company is? Would you invest in their product? I cant find any credible info on this. Although from what I have found they do have people that work on the team that can vouche for the program and say that this thing is a legit product.

Lets hear what you guys have found or what you think of the project guys!



Here is a very long discussion about the Dragonmint Miners…


Bottom line is that no one outside of a few VIPs have seen a working model and no one has seen the factory where they are building these things.

They are asking for payment in full using BTC with a MOQ of 5.

I hope this is Legit but it just smells fishy to me…
Lets see the first batch being delivered in March to see the results but I wont be holding my breath.


Yo team!

Could I get some input on this?

Looks like there is options to order these now and some people have seen them actually in action.

What do you think these things could pull in a day?

For 16Th I just calced in at $15? Is my math bad? This does not seem profitable.

Thanks for your help Team!



Yo team! Anyone have some insight or thoughts, news anything on this subject?

I want to pull the trigger but need some discussion with you guys, my crew!

I think we will have to wait and see what the hands-on reviews are like…
Find out if they are just overclocked S9s or actually power efficient machines.

Regarding profitability, Don’t think of it in dollar terms but what your BTC might be worth further down the road.

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