Hardware Wallets: Here's Why You Should Have One... (in pictures)!




Nice! :yenio: :yenio: :yenio:


@john everything should be infographic. Much easier on the brain! I like pictures! :joy:


on the ledger nano s, can you send BTC or any other crypto to the same address over and over?
Do I really need to connect and verify on every btc deposit?


Yoo, Morning brother. @kortik Yes - you can use the same address but those transactions you must Verify and sign!


I see, but everytime I try to send and verify it shows different receive btc address. when I connect ledger.

  • The reason you get a new address each time is to prevent address reuse which decreases your privacy and which might be a security risk.
  • Old addresses can be used as many times as you want. Any funds sent to your old addresses will arrive in your wallet.