Has anyone been successful buying Nvidia cards from their website?


The website does not let you buy the cards at this time. Obviously I missed out on the first batch/ production run.

Anyone with knowledge on when it will reopen?


Which cards are you after? If it’s the new RTX 2080Ti, 2080 or 2070 cards, they’re on pre-order only at this time. I think the RTX 2080 is out on the 20th Sept. The others are TBC.


I’m looking to buy two 2080 TI’s. The web site does not allow you to enter a pre-order at this time. Does anyone have an idea about how long the window is going to be closed for pre-order?


I have no idea when the RTX 2080Ti will be available. I’ll be buying one too, but I will wait for the non Founder Edition models coming out a little later. Usually they have better cooling and are better overall.


I ordered mine from newegg, but I think they are sold out now.

I have gotten notifications of it coming back in stock once for a little bit, check it out, might get lucky.


Thanks for the info. Do you know what their markup was versus the Nvidia website?


the ones I got were pretty much msrp


Have you looked into Amazon? They’re taking preorders.


I’m looking at the 2070s…getting over 40 Mh/s for Ethereum classic with the potential for the pill to be added to the 2070 will be huge for me at the price point starting at $599 compared to getting a 1080 Ti now for $689+. I’m thinking of either throwing it into my miner or using it actually for my gaming PC when it comes in the mail from cyberpower with a 1080 Ti in it, then I’ll take the 1080 Ti out of that computer and replace with the 2070 to try out the RT graphics on battlefield V. :slight_smile: