Has anyone looked at the STO rise (RSE)


This is there 'Vision" and “Objective” as on their site.
Rise vision

The Rise concept is fully realised as an exclusive trading platform powered by the most sophisticated algorithmic trading technology

It is exemplified by an algo-traded fund that maximises profits and pays back to token-holders. Participation is via a digital token, called the RISE (RSE) token.

The Rise model creates greater value for token-holders while supercharging the Rise ecosystem.


Rise will continue to develop exceptional trading algorithms and use best-of-breed investment strategies to identify and profit from the inefficiencies and trends in cryptocurrency markets.

Rise trading technologies will be available to retail investors via a full-featured trading platform and mobile application, as well as institutional investors via a licensed API.

A multi- million-dollar fund created with ICO capital will utilize Rise algorithms and strategies to trade cryptocurrencies, futures, and other securities for token-holders’ benefit.

RISE (RSE) token-holders ultimately will be rewarded with a share of the eligible funds and licensing revenue via the RISE (RSE) token.