Has anyone used Gunbot bot Trader?


Thinking About purchasing Gunbot and set it up to do auto trading for me. Seen some reviews and it looks to be Profitable. Is it worth $400?


I’ve been looking into getting a trading program up and running, that was one of them. If it nets even 1% during my sleep, I consider it worth it. So long as they have free upgrades or patches to keep it working.


Yeah, that’s what I’m concerned about. How long will it be profitable? Need to get more info on upgrades and patches . With all that being said I am strongly considering getting it. If i can get an average of 1-2% daily it will be more that worth!


Before you use a bot make sure you have a solid trading statagy and back test the bot first. imho


I use gunbot. Well, i should say i used gunbot as i prefer to trade manually now, but i do have one. However, it is pretty good, particularly if you’re using it on windows and have the GUI version. It’s simple, but versatile, and it will never “lose” you money. Or so it says. You can set pretty conservative settings and it will simply do the trading you’re too busy to be able to do. You MUST pay attention to what you’re trading though, and in the event of a major market correction, you could be left with a sell order for way more than anyone is willing to pay. So you shut off the bot, and either leave the order on the books until the rebound eventually comes… hopefully, or you take a loss on the trade. You can also set a loss limit in gunbot. If you aren’t certain of your strategy, and how to trade, then don’t use a bot, because you will get mega burned. It’s not going to do your job for you, but it can definitely enhance your abilities.


def double :+1::+1: @JollyHobbler


Thanks, just starting to do a few trades so have not found a style of trading that works for me. Been watching @peter to get some tips, but was wandering if a bot could help me get some small gains.


In my opinion, i wouldnt trust an automated program to make trades for me. id rather just set buy and sell limits on all my stocks. i also would be worried about transaction fees siphoning from my small profits.

i mostly wouldnt use one because im a longterm player looking for longterm gains


They only reason I would look at a bot would be to do a trailing stoploss to lock in my gains.


Trading bots work if done correctly.
They have been working brilliantly on the NYSE and FOREX trading for years , cypto is no different regardless on how volatile


Where does the licence come in? I’ve downloaded gunbot install from github and I seem to be able to get it running without it prompting for a license.


You have to contact one of the reseller’s for the license.

I run v3.3 of Gunbot. It works and does its thing. I dont know about the later versions. I have had roughly the same experience as @dotpim.


I run the Gunbot and have fantastic profits! I bought it from www.gunbot.com


what kind of gains do people see on them per day?

does it go through your wallets or does it use its own?


is anyone still running this? curious to give it a crack for science


I don’t use it but I still know the answer : “if your trading strategy is good, then the bot will (eventually) do good”

So don’t expect the bot to do your work :wink:


I purchased the bot from https://gunbot.shop 4 months ago and so far I’m doing good. Latest Gunbot version is the best by far.


Check out this review. It goes over the different strategies and ways you can use gunbot. It’s interesting because he shows how you can use ‘Pine scripts’ from trading view which is what sends the trade singal to gunbot to then do the trade automatically.

I found this way to be wayy more profitable. and its so easy to backtest. back testing is extremely important because it helps you predict future trades. unfortunately its not just 1 button and go, you have to do backtesting…