Hashflare Experiment


No sir. I do not do cloud mining.


Hashflare must be desperate for customers again. Their contracts are on sale yet again. BTC difficulty is exploding though so even with the sale its not worth it.

Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool

Hey everyone,

Just though i’d update this post since i’ve been taking a look at Cloud Mining as well. I actually bought a contract from Hashflare back in October/November of 2017 and the expected ROI was about 80 days (fixing the BTC price atm).

However since the BTC difficulty has been increasing every 14 days or so, your daily income decreases accordingly. In addition, I am not sure why but the maintenance fee has sky-rocked… Back in November the maintenance fee were about 13% of your daily BTC income. Now it is around 38%!!!

I found a google spread sheet that someone uses to track their cloud mining. It helps a lot to compare mining pools and other contracts, I hope it helps the pub as well. (i am not the creator of this spread sheet)

Cheers, PUB!


Y U only post on similar posts like beetconnect?