Hashgraph - Any interest here on The Pub?


I went to a Hashgraph meetup in Atlanta a couple of nights ago. The speaker for the evening was their Director of Partnerships (Jason Loh - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-loh-092483/). Their VP/ Director of Public Relations also appeared. It seems that both of these people live in the Atlanta area but are almost always on planes trying to woo faithful groups.

I’d heard about Hashgraph previously and the presentation did not break much if any new ground for me.

Is there anyone in The Pub who has good user level knowledge of their technology? How are you using it?


Did they give any examples of user cases at the meet up? It really looks like what I want to use for my project but, not being a programmer, I don’t know if this is a too good to be true item.


I feel like Hashgraph is the crypto version of Magic Leap.


Just to make sure, I’ve been researching Hedera hashgraph platform are there others or just this one?


That is the one. :+1:


Thank you. Good to know I’m not totally lost…:grin:


No, they did not give examples of use cases at the meetup.

IMO - Hashgraph is just as technical as any other programming platform. If you know how to get around that let the Forum know

Unable to answer your other question - “are there others or just this one?”. Don’t know.

I suggest that you contact the person I note above if you have any other questions. Please indicate that I referred you only for the reason that he’d certainly like to know that his efforts are resulting in some feedback.



Hashgraph has a list of dapps that it is supporting. See https://www.hedera.com/about#team towards the bottom of the page. I suggest that you go to the website of each dapp and see what the use case is.


Thank you @Peter_Rehm .

I will need to educate myself a little bit more or maybe when I bring on a technical advisor before I would feel comfortable calling him but I have put him on my list to call when ready with a note that you referred him.

I will take a look at the website and the different dapps. More homework for me. :face_with_monocle:


Would not invest personally. Was invested in their SAFT round but got a refund as many of the seed round investors got tokens at 1/20 of the price and have the exact same release schedule.


Wow. What was the deal there? How did they get that type of preferential treatment? Was that something that you were aware would happen when you invested?