Hashing24 identification required


Alright, a few days ago Hashing24 added the option to Auction the cloudminingcontracts you have. I liked it and sold mine. When the first of my contracts sold i got an email saying i have to identify by giving some photos. Should i be worried Hashing24 can use of sell this info? The mail is legit from Hashing24 and talking to Live Help confirmed that.



Wow that’s different. Not sure why they need it unless to prove you are indeed you and not someone logging your contract.

What’s it worth per TH at auction?


Well… This type of things is a huge red flag for me.
Why to put your mining contract on auction if it can give you the money in the long run? Somebody defiantly into the quick profits and that’s not the users of this platform.
I’m gonna withdraw my remaining funds from the Hashing24 and run like hell!


My 500gh sold for 0.03 btc. It would’ve taken years to get that back.


i just sold 400gh for .024 BTC. amazing what people will pay. seems crazy to me