Hashrate dropped after adding more gpu. Need help. Please. Thanks

Hi everyone. I have a rig with 6 Msi rx 580 armor oc , asus b250 mining expert board, I did bios mod all of them and getting about 28mh on nicehash miner. Today I just add 2 more gpu to the rig, same brand and same model. Also bios modes. After than I try benchmark on nicehash , it showing still around 28mh. But when I start mine, all 8 of my gpu will only have around 20mh. I already try update motherboard bios, reinstall windows 10 and amd mining driver but it doesn’t help. Anyone have any idea? Please help. Thanks so much


Can you give us some details on how you are powering your rig?

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I have 2 power supply 1200w and 850w both platnium 80plus. I also have watt monitor to make sure they are not overdraw. Thanks for respond

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I think this needs to get moved to the mining forum… but to answer quickly…

What motherboard are you using? I’ve seen a bunch that have stability issues if you add more then 6 cards and have seen a lot of forum posts on the exact same thing.

I would post in the mining hardware section again with the same post, and add the rest of your rigs parts and see if anyone running larger rigs who have had this problem. I know we have people with like 80 card rigs, but I don’t know how many cards are hooked up to one power supply and board set

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Moved to Mining and Hardware

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Ok. Thanks. I m going to move over

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Someone can archive this. I’m mobile.

Any reason you want this archived @Peter? Has it been addressed elsewhere? Its in the right category now, right?

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It was double posted. No worries. I got it.

Ah ok no worries, i wasnt aware. Thanks

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