Have You Earned THIS "Certified" CERTIFICATE YET? 🏁




Did you know that you could? It’s a sweet thing to earn and it also gets you the CERTIFIED Badge!


All you have to do is head back to the very first DM (Message) that you got from @dogelord (or @discobot for those who signed up earlier):


And… most people just ignored it and didn’t read the last line:

If you follow @dogelord on his mission to educate you then you’ll being a very neat TUTORIAL on how to best use our system here.

Did You Get Your Certificate?!

Please respond below with an image of your certificate!

Have You Been "Licensed" Here on The Pub? :thinking:

I feel a @here_doge joke was full missed here.


Got that one AND the advanced one :sunglasses::sunglasses::doge:


Bringing this thread back.

Cash me ousside?





So Certificate. Very Achievement. :doge:

56 am


@discobot start advanced user


I earned it :slight_smile:




:herb: nom nom :herb:

This was a really cool feature. Gotta love the community here!


Waiting for mine :wink:. Pretty sure I completed this


I didnt get one too. How do we get one?




Certificates like this should be the internet standard for forum participation. Lol. You can’t post until you prove you can manage to complete a few tasks.


just got certified bitches. this beats Peter’s 3 master’s degrees


it’s true. and… consequently… also my two masters degrees, obviously.


Why did this take me 5 bloody months! I guess it’ll be 5 more before I get licensed. Because I’m obviously a dumbass and I’m going to throat punch the @dogelord bot if I can ever get my hands on him :rofl::rofl:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @dogelord display help.