Having a major problem I think


So I didn’t swap my erc20 off my ledger and I’m having trouble with it…I can’t get it to connect and see the erc20 tokens. I have added the icx erc20.

What is the exact deadline? I’m having a anxiety attack I wasn’t paying attention

I have to go to work like 1.5 hours ago


Sept 25 I believe. How are you connecting to it? Myetherwallet?


Okay so it’s not today? For some reason I thought it was today. Can someone confirm and I’ll go to work…


And ya I just found them on my ether wallet. Did not know ledger live had no erc20.

So I found them and need to transfer ether to get them over to icon. I have it all ironed out but need more time lol


Sept 25 :+1:


I’m such a stooge. Thanks man. Your the best. What a relief. I was having a bad morning


September the 25th. I had a reminder set for me to do it today, which I have done.

I had my ICX ERC 20 on a ledger and went through these steps.

Create Iconex eth wallet. Add a little ETH in this wallet for the swap

Sent ICX ERC 20 to the ICONex ETH wallet address.

Swapped tokens - during this process step you will create an ICX mainnet wallet address with the same private key as the ICONex ETH wallet.

After some time the mainet ICX coins will be deposited into your address.


does anything have to be done if my coins are on binance ? I mean other than getting off the exchange ? do i need to swap them as well ?


If they were on Binance on the date of the exchanges swap then you don’t have to do anything.


I’m not an ethereum expert…but I believe the ERC-20 tokens won’t actually go away, you just won’t be able to exchange them in the token swap for mainnet icon following Sept 25. You still have some time.

I still haven’t swapped mine yet.


If they are on Binance you have mainnet ICX :sunglasses:


I think you’re right, they just become useless relics of ICX on an inferior ETH platform :rofl:


@peppaBox Awesome thanks for the info


Thanks guys. I slept in this morning and I had set a reminder to do this and I thought this was my deadline. That’s a classic me thing. Last minute man. I never sleep in though so it was just a wild morning. Glad I was wrong for once in my
Life :thinking: and I got an extension on this. Never happened like that in school…


Sometimes the swap has taken more than one day. Just be aware.