Health Insurance - Finding health insurance for a family of 4 in California


in about a month I’ll need health insurance for a family of 4, healthy.

We are in California.

Anyone here in the pub know the best, cheapest place to start?

Appreciate you all!


Nothing in CA is cheap when it comes to insurance, housing, gas, groceries, taxes…etc. Through my work it is $745/mo with a huge deductible for just my wife and I and I have a separate policy for my daughter running me $225/mo. Just one of the many reasons we are moving out soon! Try Blueshield or find an independent broker and see what they can find for you. Best of luck-


i’ve held private insurance for a family of 4 (and then 5) through anthem blue cross… they have competitive rates and very decent coverage.


Insurance is a great way to get some affordable healthcare if needed. For instance, good insurance can cover even some dental operations at Ashdown dental clinic that will cost you some if you going there by yourself. So, i would have go for it for sure.


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Thank you @john
Yes, we did. We appreciate you following up. very thoughtful.

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