Hello World!


Originally Published at: https://blog.yen.io/hello-world/

This is our very first post on our new blog. We’ll provide updates and all sorts of fun things as we get closer to launch!

We’re grateful for our amazing community and especially our patrons via Patreon! These are some of the most exciting times.

More soon!


Hello World. That really brings back BASIC programming in highschool.

I am very excited for what is to come. Great job!


and… you win the internet… as you’re the very first person EVER to comment on our new blog. :slight_smile:


print(“Hello, World!”)


aaaaaaand Bookmarked!


BLast off!! :rocket::rocket::rocket:


Looking forward to getting to know yen blog!
blog.yen.io :pray:


Damn I feel old! This is how hello world looked back in my mainframe days.

        000100        IDENTIFICATION DIVISION.                           
        000200        PROGRAM-ID. HELLO.                                 
        000300       * HELLO WORLD IN CICS COBOL.                        
        000400        AUTHOR. ROBERT GOSLING.                            
        000500        ENVIRONMENT DIVISION.                              
        000600        DATA DIVISION.                                     
        000700        WORKING-STORAGE SECTION.                           
        000800        01 WS-DATA-AREA PIC X(80) VALUE "HELLO WORLD!".    
        000900        PROCEDURE DIVISION.                                
        001000            EXEC CICS SEND FROM (WS-DATA-AREA) END-EXEC.   
        001100            EXEC CICS RETURN END-EXEC.


What is this about? Is it learning programming?


Posting here to be apart of history :slight_smile: .


Hello World. Happy to be here from the start.


Yess, this is going to be EPIC! #BuildingTheFuture #pioneers :explopants2::explopants::bitrocket::hulksmash:


Although I’ve been quiet and bearish the last couple weeks, I have been very excited about this new adventure.


The beYENning is soon!




So cool, I’m just starting to learn the basics of CS. :call_me_hand:


Still a noob here but have been watching the streams and vidoes from Peter everyday. Looking forward to seeing what you guys create. I am kinda quiet in here but just looking around and reading what I understand. Keep up the great work you guys.


Hellloooo, Always down to be part of history!
More info would be much appreciate it!


you need be patreon for more info on exclusive projects being created by john and peter. it is also a way to support the servers, them and the community.

yen.io is currently being created for crypto content, maybe like a yt platform with other stuff. i am also uncertain based off my minimal research. as i am not a patreon yet too