Hello World!


There was a shout out to you guys by the Crypto Lark today (around 37:50).


lol… I had to learn it in DOS!


Gotta comment on the first blog post of Yen! Glad to be part of this.


This is why i love Python.:sunglasses:


How complex would it be to integrate multiple languages into yen.io?


will there be a trading platform in Yen?


We will be launching asia.


Trading. Absolutely. We’ll be doing it all for you


How is the SEC’s new KYT tech going to deal with that, and/or are you referring custodial accounts that you harness algorithmic trading on the accounts behalf, like the ‘rise’ platform is advertising to be able to do ‘generating passive income for life’ kind of thing, or were you being rhetorical?


more concisely, we’re not doing kyc / aml for now as we’re not custodians over any value. as we grow and listen to the needs of our community, we’ll be looking into things like this!


That is cool. Are you planning on partnering with any other exchanges to give buyers options other than Coinbase?