Help! Any trusty exchange (FIAT to Crypto) who is currently accepting non US citizens but with relative low funding lets say 1000$?


Help!!! I what to change FIAT to Crypto, I am not a US citizens and my country (Ukraine) is not listed in Coinbase, i find hard to find a trusted Exchange because most of the good ones are not taking new clients. Also i need a exchange with relative low funding maximum 1000$. I need any suggestion pls share your experience about fees per (buy or sell), fees and how much time take the withdrawals.

Note: i do not trust in Russian or Chinese exchanges. i will love an European or US exchange (But i cant find one who is accepting new clients ). For last resource i will consider then a Chinese exchange. Any case i need something to start. Thanks in advance


Try Coinmama or


share your experience in that exchange pls will be very helpful but thank i will do a research


Kraken or Bitstamp?

Both work really well.

Fees are only really high if you use credit card I think.


Both coinmama and cex are great exchanges for fiat actually… Good UIs and experience


Coinfloor is a possible one as it’s uk based and peter recommends it


kraken is been sued for 50 million for some clients losses in trading ethereum, Anyway kraken and bistamp are not accepting new clients.


coinflor minimum funding 2500$ is too expensive for a newbie like me


coinmama and from which countries are those exchanges ?


Bitstamp website looks like they are accepting new customers.

And regarding Kraken, then I don’t see how that changes anything. 50 million is pocket change for a freakin’ fiat-to-crypto exchange.

They’re making so much money they literally say: “We don’t want to make anymore money right now, come back later.”


yeah a thief always start stealing penny’s.


im waiting for bitstamp 3 week already and no answer kraken the same


That’s really weird.

I’ve had a Bitstamp account for a long time, but before the recent dip I wanted to cash out a bit of LTC, and I tried on Bitstamp… But new phone, forgot to change 2FA, couldn’t be arsed to wait for them to reset the shit.

Made a Kraken account, and literally in the first login session, I had done everything. Moved LTC to Kraken, sold LTC to EUR, transfered around 1500 or whatever their daily max withdraw limit is, and I kid you not, the money was in my bank account in under 12 hours. I had no idea that was even possible.


when you opened your kraken account?


January 15th I think.


thanks i will try the verification again


Coinmama is based in Slovakia but is owned by a company in Israel. is based in London. Both accept most countries and none of them have your country as restricted so. Good to go.


I live in the bahamas and work’s great for me :muscle:t6:


Use and do a cash deposit at a bank if possible. Or, try another method that is popular in the Ukraine on this great website, just be sure to choose a seller with plenty of transactions, and positive feedback.


I live in South Africa and use
Works great.