Help getting started


Hi everyone,

A few months ago I tried to buy some cryptos but could never get my bank accepted by coinbase and other exchanges which led me to forgetting about it for a little while.
I just tried again recently and I receive a message saying my debit card is not supported, does anyone have any tips on somewhere that will accept a non traditional bank debit card?


hmmmm it seems a lot of people are having this issue right now. you can always go to good old localbitcoins?


i did this and went in a bit bullish. im even from the high buy in and am feeling alright about it since icx went up


best bet is to get a credit card from a store with 1000bucks or something and buying coinbase? only 250 a week tho


Hmmm, what kind of debit card is it? As far as I know coinbase and other exchanges don’t accept gift cards as payments. Assuming you’re using a debit card provided by your employer that they put your paychecks on (paychekplus), those also fall under the gift card category and you can’t use those either.


It’s a debit card that has my direct deposit on it, I may try localbitcoins though and see if I have some luck on there. BtcBundles, you can use a prepaid card on coinbase? I can try that as well if others have had luck with that.
Thank you all !


Try bitflyer. (20 char limit)


Checking this one out now, I haven’t heard of it before you suggested it so, thank you for that!


Localbitcoin is the best when it comes to trading with “private people” instead of a whole company. You can literally pay with paypal, moneygram, in person, with a bank account, etc. And they try to make it as simple as possible for you


Mind you are gonna pay thousand more than market atleast. But it’s quick and painless. Put it in icx you will make it back lol


I don’t know where you live but like a big box store will give you credit card no background check for 1k use it that day.


Ya it’s gotta be a legit bank account. No gift cards. No pay as u go cards. But visa/MasterCard work just fine and are usually instant witch is awesome.


So I ended up having success using changelly. Paid about 10% in fees after it was all said and done. Is that outrageous? I’m pretty happy I was atleast able to get some, even though I don’t currently have a bank account connected to an exchange so I won’t be able to withdraw - but I don’t plan on it any time soon.
I’m going to take a look around and make a home here I think, I’ve seen a lot of valuable information already. Thanks guys!


wlecome! im only a fews days in but i hope to see you at the korean bbq


Hi Emphase, Molly from CoinCorner here. I know this is quite an old post now, but if you (if anyone else viewing this thread) are in the UK/Europe and looking to buy bitcoin with credit card or debit card then come and visit us at CoinCorner :slight_smile: We accept all major credit/debit cards :+1:t3: