Help I'm a junior web developer


Hello to everyone in the pub, I’ve been here for the better part of a year now and I love the community. Love all the pub members even the annoying ones #icon chat. What I’m looking for is someone who’s willing to help me out in some way for mentorship, I’ve talked to @john and he was incredible for me. He motivated me to jump into a coding Bootcamp with both feet forward and give it my all and, so I am going to do that starting this September in Dallas Texas, the name is DevMountain. That was the option I choose due to price constraints, but also because Dallas is quickly becoming a new mini silicon valley and I seriously love coding.

A little backstory on me, I’m 19 years old currently living in Canada and attending the University Of Western Ontario for a computer science undergrad. I’m going into second year in September and I’m so done with this school system, it seems to teach you very little and so many useless things. I hate to say this but first year was all too easy, this isn’t bragging this is just a fact. As such I’m trying to move my life forward more efficiently by learning to code as much as is humanly possible, I’m trying to absorb every single little bit of information that I can find. I’m into web development, Python, Java, React, Machine learning, artificial intelligence and more.

To get to the meat of my aliment, I want to, no, need to, get a job in the field asap. I also would really really want it to be in the most free country on earth --> the USA. All I’m really looking for is advice on personal development, and maybe some advice on getting my ass into the us job market.
Thank you again, to all the pubbers out there I <3 you all.

As a small but important addendum, I love crypto and I ultimately want to become a crypto currency developer, but I honestly have no idea how to go about it, so some advice on that would be incredible!!!


i love that you’re sharing your story… keep us posted! it’s all you!


Good for you. I suggest just start applying for blockchain programming work. Offer what you can. I know there are some software developers in the pub that might be able to connect you with some better resources.

I am with you on the education part. Self education is far more important. I wish you all the best.


Thank you very much, I do have a clarification question. As a junior Dev once I’ve finished the Bootcamp can I just start applying to blockchain related startups? Don’t I need to learn blockchain development and the stack that come with it? Or do companies allow you to learn on the job?


Hey Check out


So without saying ‘I have been in your shoes’ I will just say. School also wasn’t for me. I actually gained no certifications from my time there. On the other hand I was drawn to computers from an early age.

I left school and enrolled in a private education offering me more server hardware certifications. Then moved into web development. I have worked as a frontend engineers (react, JavaScript, css) for maybe 8 years and have recently moved into an Engineering manager role with a company of 30 engineers.

I have close relationships with dev academies in my country (New Zealand … pretty free ;)) so understand what they can and don’t offer.

Would be happy to answer some questions for you, while I am not in the US I might be able to point you in areas that are desirable areas. I also have a few friend who work with blockchain so might be able to get some pointers there too.

DM if you would like. It’s a fun road your on! But it’s a lot of self motivation needed and self teaching to be done.


If you know some fundamental JavaScript check out cryptozombies. It’s a tutorial but it’s pretty cool to understand blockchain basics.