HELP! I'm getting raped, striped, sliced and cut and shaved with transaction fees. How do I get access to YEN.IO number 1

Who else is getting owned by transaction fees?? So much for decentralized and trying to get away from major institutions that pooowwwn us. Thank you to the number ONE meta exchange YEN.IO, but how do you get access. Crying my but hurt eyes out :frowning: Please Launch already not sure how much more of this rrrrrape I can take.


Appreciate the excitement around launching but did want to clarify a few things to level set expectations. is not an exchange in and of itself but a ‘meta exchange’ where you’ll be able to connect your existing Coinbase and Binance (for now) accounts and transact via YEN. We have plans to add many other exchanges in the future.

We also do not add or offset (more to your point) any trading fees offset by the exchanges currently. While we don’t ever intend to add any additional fees, we’re working through some ways to go about offsetting the fees so by using YEN you will be able to save there in the future.

The best way to get access is to get your email address into our list on and the team will be in touch about early access. This may come sooner than you think :slight_smile:


“soon” is a relative statement!

“soon” = a couple months.

trust me. it’ll be worth the wait.


the title of this post is pretty eye-catching… lol.


Thanks for your reply, I totally knew that :sweat_smile: HAHA It’s all very exciting. It’s definitely going to be an awesome way for me to pay my employees, hmmm wonder how that would work? I certainly can’t wait to see my own coin on YEN.OI one day CEPT COIN. Cant wait!! Also Question, is there a yen exchange on the cards, a trading platform in the future and is their a Yen coin on the cards also??


Watsuuuup Peter!! Huge fan of your content on YouTube and to every one else on decentralized TV, awesome stuff. Cheers :beers: