HELP Newb Question: How do I access my Trezor Wallet?


Got a Trezor Wallet a few months ago and set it up. Then I down loaded some Bitcoin. Just followed the instruction on the device and all went smooth, pretty simple. I have never touched it again until today.

However today I thought I would check out how to access my funds. I plug in the Trezor and all I get is a picture of a lock with the words “My Trezor 1” below. Can’t do anything with it. I thought it should give me instructions on the site to go to as well as ask my pass code. What am I doing wrong.


Ok, got logged in with Internet Explorer but IE is not supported. However the Chrome browser was not working with the bridge. Downloaded a new chrome browser and it worked. HOWEVER, I now have to first log in IE browser and then go to the chrome browser. What a bunch of freaking Fucking bull shit. Doesn’t make a damn bit if sence to me. This shit HAS TO BE CLEANED UP.


So pissed off cant stand to be around myself.


Install the Trezor bridge on your computer. Run your browser, Chrome, Brave and Edge work fine. Plug in the Trezor and go to the following website:

The bridge should connect automatically and the PIN entry screen should show-up.


Ya you would think that would work. It Doesn’t. However trezor isnt rrcognizing it. Just sits there l8ke a useless piece of plastic.
Found a work around though:

  1. Copy my public keys (from an old transaction) and pasting it into both IE and Chrome browsers https://wallet.trezor.ii/#/device/public key.
  2. Press ENTER in IE browser. Trezor comes alive and asks for pass code. Enter pass code.
  3. Error message states that the IE browser is not supported. Go to the Chrome browser (Trezor address with public key is already in address bar)
  4. Hit ENTER and chrome opens the account wallet. Now ready to send and recieve funds.
  5. Scratch head and repeat “What the Fuck?”