Help please something has happened with my beloved Coinpuff



Recently i wanted to exchange some of my coins or even Fiat to buy at Coinpuffs with the Buy and Sell options , never tried those options until recently last week i wanted to buy some ETC and the option was available , now neither ETC or ICX or NEO are available. I don’t know how this work exactly or if i have to agree with som one in the forum who want to sell me some coins i only want 20 ICX and 5 ETC. :slight_smile: i apologize for my poor English



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Its there for me.

Might want to check as there may be some local jurisdiction thing blocking it.


ETC=ethereum classic not BTC , ICX = ICON , NEO =NEO i dont want to buy ETH or BTC i have BTC and FIAT i want the others


you have the option of buying ETC or ICON or NEO??


Sorry thought I had it selected and you are right those options are not there but my previous advice still stands. I do not think it has anything to do with coinpuffs. Go directly to to see if that option is available there.


thanks for the reply , i don’t think is the side of i already been there and also nothing, but last week i can swear it was there on Coinpuffs if someone can enable the option again for a few days will be awesome


Changlly is what Coinpuff’s uses to enable you to buy and sell. Its in the fine print of the window. So if it is not available on changlly’s website then there is nothing @john or @peter can do about it.

Correct me if I am wrong here but I am pretty confident that I am not wrong on this.


i know thanks but if you are not part of the developing team, you cant be sure, maybe i can buy some ICON or ETC without to much problem :wink: just saying :zipper_mouth_face:


We’re working through it my man!


Guys, please spell the website correctly. Incorrect website is the easiest route to scams…
As a note, it’s


i just copied the link @nekko send me sorry :joy: