Help Wanted: Community Wallpaper and Graphics



Hey everyone.

We’re starting to put together some art and collateral for folks to use here and around the larger #cryptonation… and I thought it would be great to get some art from the community.

No requirements and they can be as goofy or as “professional” as you’d like them to be (and let’s make this a canonical thread). Ultimately, we want to be fun to use and download for not just our own properties and computers but for anyone to love, use, and enjoy.

But, if I’m to be super-specific, I’m looking to create background and cover images for some of our social properties, like Twitter, Facebook, and other such things.

Okay, so, have at it.

Favorite Crypto Desktop Wallpaper
New logo proposal TheBitcoinPub 🍻 [SOLVED]
Minimalistic crypto/pub wallpapers - et

Love the idea…one of my favs


Someone needs to photoshop The Bitcoin Pub and/or other artifacts in that one… looks awesome!


Bitcoin Pub dropping bombs
Done and done, feedback welcome


Yes this would be nice.

It would be great for someone to help me make a better youtube background!

This is what I have now…

Sadness… anyone want to make me something better?

Has to be 2560x1440


What about an ocen made of small DOGE coins with huge BITcoins in and a ship sailing through with a Bitcoin Pub logo on the sail.
or something like that,


Here are a few I just made. As always, from scratch :slight_smile:. Enjoy Guys.


Keep on mining guys :slight_smile:


Something like this?


So dope!! Will apply in a second!!!


UGH! I finally put it up! Thanks a ton man! The tube looks so much better now!


is that doge pooping dogecoin?




Couldn’t sleep, so decided to take a crack at this. Whatcha think @peter and @john ?

And ofcourse I couldn’t forget our favourite Pub Sheriff! :doge:

Minimalistic crypto/pub wallpapers - et

Oh I love this. Good job!


legit! thanks so much! i’ve shared it out!


Thanks guys! I only noticed this thread last night. I have a few more ideas that I will work on and share so lookout!


I played around with the Pub logo to create a minimalist matrix/binary effect for those who like that stuff:

Binary Version:

TheBitcoinPub Version:


awesome bro just became my new