Here's my crazy crypto story... Plus a thank you to Peter! Also AMA

I got into crypto with $8000 dollars late 2016 with lots of entrepreneurial experience but 0 investing knowledge.

I made and lost money faster than I thought possible. I fomod, I fudded, I got caught up in pump and dumps, I got miss led by people pretending to understand investing/trading… Any trap there was I somehow encountered it. My $8000 exploded. Making and losing 6 figures became common occurrences after the ETH pump early 2017.

I put my other projects on hold and devoted myself entirely to learning the investing game. I explored FA, TA, passive investing, news based investing and continue to try new things to this day.

Outside of personal study crypto media was a huge learning field for me. I had to shift through piles and piles of shit before finding the few gems in this space! Needless to say Peter was one of these gems.

Peter Saddington you are incredible. You are immune to corruption, genuine and unbelievably hardworking.

His interview alerting us all to ICX helped my decision to invest in ICX for my biggest % gain to date.

His B90x program while a bit basic for me in terms of TA and investing advice was incredible in terms of life advice. Day 42 your Life vision statement has influenced every single decision I’ve made since watching it. As an entrepreneur who’s always been hustling I can’t explain how incredible having something to filter every decision through is.

So where am I now?

I now successfully day trade, invest in all sorts of assets and run multiple businesses.

A goal of mine is to like Peter contribute to the space and be an incorruptible genuine source of advice and help to as many people as I can!

Hope that was all interesting :sweat_smile:

If anyone would like to they can ask me any questions here or on my twitter I will do my best to help or just satisfy your curiosity!


Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


Nice! I also never expected crypto to go up so much. I remember people making predictions of $50 ETH for EOY 2017 at the start of the year on reddit and loads of people commenting how that’s way too high :joy:


Great post. Followed you on twitter.

Welcome to the crypto nation @Koroushak .

Think about becoming a patron and joining the discord. We have a lot of fun!


Thank you for the love

I will consider becoming a pirate!


What price did you sell ICX at leaving us bag holders?


So i exited 1/3 at 7.5 then the other 1/3 at 10. My next target was 12 but I fomo’d it to 15. I’ve been dcaing for a few months back into it as a long term investment now.

So I still hold a bag brother :pray:


Nice job mate, thanks for the positive post. :ok_hand:


Good for you. Inspiring story. Glad you made some insane gains. :muscle:


THank you so much for the post! It really is awesome!

Stay the course, and let others know!


Thank you for the kind words, I made good gains yes.

But I value the losses more, they teach me so much more and make me grow.


I really meant every word I said, you’re an inspiration.

You attract the energy and positivity you exude.

I hope I can meet you at some point when you come to London!


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