HEX collected more than 10k ETH on First day of it's Tokensale, is it better than Bitcoin?

Created by early Bitcoin adopter Richard Heart, HEX tokens are time stores made over the Ethereum platform. How it functions is that HEX tokens are typically locked up for a fixed period, which is for the most part, at any rate, one year, just for the holder to later get a portion of the rest of the tokens in a pool.

HEX is an ERC-20 token which implies that these tokens are smart contracts worked over the Ethereum platform. There are two different ways to get HEX. One path is by holding Bitcoin before the Bitcoin blockchain preview which was hung on December 2, 2019.

Source: TheCoinRepublic


claiming or participating in bhex is an act of supporting the scammy project. Used to love Richard, sucks to see him going down this path :frowning:


I feel the same. Which is why I’m actually refusing to claim my HEX. Fuck Richard and this scammy bullshit.


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