Hilariously pointless US sanctions on two btc addresses


Trying to sanction a bitcoin address is like trying to dewater a sinking ship with a straw.


?. If they move BTC from it illegally then they’ll just get fucked by the US government. Bitcoin doesn’t do anything in this situation but provide proof that they broke the law.


No, the point here is that you cannot enforce sanctions with bitcoin. By sanctioning a bitcoin address, the user can almost effortlessly just create a new address.


Yes but the sanctioned bitcoin address likely has Bitcoin inside of it. The new address doesn’t


The US gov still can’t enforce any type of sanctions/censorship on that bitcoin. They can track what the Iranian’s do with it, but that’s about it.


send sanctioned btc to monero
shuffle between monero and pvix wallets
go back to btc


but the question is why Iranian and not Saudi Arabian address of BTC LOL?
of course you know why.