[HIRING] Need an electrical/electronic engineer for a part-time job


Hello, Cryptonation. Is there a good electronic engineer who would like to make a couple of satoshi while helping a fellow pubber?

I’m a noob in electronics, but would like to make some custom PCBs (possibly with the assembly also) for a project that I’ve been working on.

Basically, the project revolves around Raspberry Pi and Atmel Microcontrollers, so you have to have knowledge in those.

From time to time I would send some stuff for you to check. Schematics and PCB layouts for the most part. And would ask for your advice.

The scale of the project is super small. It’s basically one person (me) who is trying to make “the revolutionary and groundbreaking stuff in terms of computing” DIY-way :sweat_smile:

So is the budget. I’m thinking about 100-150 USD for your help should be enough. But am willing to negotiate, of course!

Will discuss more details in private (don’t want to release anything to the public just yet).

You can write me here in this thread or trough DM.

So, who is up for a challenge?

Thank you so much in advance!