Hit the Lotto! And get Real ROI on your investment/ #ICOlottoticket$

What if they replaced the lottery with a random/top 50 rated upcoming/active ICOs? we would have #lottocrypto for everyone!

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Man i don’t know, i don’t really think that the ‘‘lottocrypto’’ is exactly the right idea, i mean, we have the crypto gambling, which proved to be not as good in practice as it was in theory, just remember when in 2018 there were predicted the top 5 most promising altcoins for gambling, and at the end, it wasn’t that great at the end, the most of those altcoins actually ‘‘failed’’ to reach the expectations, as it for me, as a gambler, it was a new concept which was pretty interesting, and at the beggining i really liked it, i was very enthusiastic about it. At the end i just lost my money. I remember that the guys from pick7.bet also tried to impliment the crypto gambling and it didn’t really worked out.

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