HitBTC withdrawal problems?



Hey ya’ll, ive been reading (mostly on Hitbtc forum) about customers having delays, troubles withdrawing every crypto from Hitbtc accounts, anyone have experiences with that lately can please explain in detail?



I withdrew some BTC today, it still hasnt been confirmed, but it has been put into the network so I can monitor the transaction. It also has shown up in my wallet as unconfirmed. It might take a while. What are you sending?


I had problems getting my BTC and ETH out of hitBTC. I read some forums and saw others having trouble too. Converted it all to LTC and got it moved but it was scary. Several days I was hung up there and some people were outright saying hitBTC was committing fraud and stealing peoples money. I submitted tickets to get help and they never responded either, which was also very concerning. I’ll never use that platform again after my experience.


Converting coins to LTC to get out, ughhh that sounds like a bad choice, because will lose out maybe on fees and trading rate differences, dammit.

I want to withdraw BTC Hitbtc to ledger/trezor asap but feels lil safer keeping in my acct as is now, rather than attempting a withdraw , after seeing how many complaints about withdraw transactions never going thru


I can confirm that my transaction confirmed (pun intended) today. It has taken about 32 hours. But I am happy I got them out, I will also withdraw my VEN soon, just to be sure.

I do not think they purposefully steal. But that they are taking cheap solutions and are understaffed instead. This might be the downfall of the exchange and if regulation cracks down on it, our coins might be in limbo. It’s too bad, it has great design, function and a lot of coins, but this wont do. IF they change over time I will be back.

EDIT: I can add that my withdrawal from coinbase also took a long time, but even they didnt use this long.


I managed to withdraw mine from HitBtc to my Ledger, but as mentioned in my comment, it took 32 hours, over 12 hours in pending and over 24 hours to send on the network.


Eywhin (and everyone in this thread) thanks a lot for letting us know your experiences with this.

I thought the same about Hitbtc, like many ppl mostly impatient and quick to call them thief when really they seem overblown with massive amounts of users & transactions, and even being DDOS’d a lot lately too

hopefully more staff for them soon


Fyi , i submitted withdraw BTC from HitBTC today, successful, only 1 hour for transaction completed :slight_smile:


did you get your coins out?


I did! It took me several hours to manipulate things to make it work but I got everything out in time to buy ICX at 1.65!


what did you do exactly? to manipulate things? damn, i’ve been waiting more than 5 days to get my coins out and transaction fail. now i made another transaction and willing to wait but this thing is fishy :fish: as hell, people should be aware of this exchange

one big red flag :triangular_flag_on_post:


I got my bitcoins out, no problems at all

I wonder if the posters on Hitbtc forum are paid from competitors


I actually went to Reddit and searched hitBTC because I was getting concerned. There were several people there with issues and someone told me to buy LTC and send all my money out that way. It finally worked when I did that and it was relatively fast. I will never use that exchange again. I also tried for several days to get my funds out when it was BTC and ETH and couldn’t move either. It was scary for a few days there!


That seems like a really silly thing to say. We have several pub members with first hand experience having their funds trapped there and who have shared their experiences here, hoping to help others avoid the same stress and potential loss. I was really thankful that I could google them and see other comments on forums because I was able to get a solution to move my funds.

hitBTC doesn’t respond to emails in a timely fashion, if at all. I have proof of that in my own email, as once I was successfully able to move my funds, I miraculously got an email from hitBTC apologizing to me for not responding to an email, over 30 days later. That email had nothing to do with the funds I was trying to move.

At best, they are a very poorly run business. When you are dealing with peoples money, you better have the ability to respond to inquiries within 24 hours.


BTW…sorry for the late reply. I thought I had shared my story in this post, but I think it was shared in a PM with someone else who had problems. I feel confident you will be able to get your funds out, you just have to move them to something else that you might not ordinarily want. So it will takes some fees, but worth the alternative. And it did occur to me that maybe hitBTC is making it difficult deliberately, in order to force people to have to initiate more trades and thus collect additional fees. In any case, terrible company IMO. And I don’t mind saying so! :face_vomiting::rage:

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Hi, i sent my wallet some WRC from hitbtc on Jan 4th. Then, it failed tx:0xaa166691dcd3ba6217de3db7b851aa097cc48510e732286f04bf85465b024419 and i submited a lot of requests but they didn’t respond me. It is seen “solved” on my payment history even if i didnt get any WRC.
I am very frustrated about Hitbtc.


Siggy, ya i understand, but it just seems very strange to me, and also their forum was overrun with Tronix hypers too, so it was a free-for-all for people spamming, hyping, and could have been also for attacks from competition. Looks like they have mods now cleaning up the bullshits now though, so that’s good :slight_smile:


I always always run a test run. before sending funds to my nano.

HitBTC I believe is in Europe


Ok, sounds fair enough, haven’t lost all the hope, hope dies last :smile:
waiting for my VIBE to transfer over… 2days already, first transfer fail’ but if it fail once again, then i gonna sell them, gonna buy LTC and gonna transfer LTC out and later gonna buy back my precious vibe

like Peter says - stay frosty out there,



run test run form hitbtc? so tell me hows yours experience this far