HitBTC withdrawal problems?



Yes, before transferring “large” sums I always send less than 5 dollars until I trust a platform. As far as the experience I dont prefer it. Its very overloaded to a point that its slow in updating your balance but it trades fast and works when other places are down. I dont keep anything on there but it does fine for when I need it.


i withdraw my profits often without any kind of troubles and it always takes 24 hours to get it to my crypto wallet. sometimes it delays but hitbtc will anyway deliver the payable money. i’m not getting the point of trades who complain they’re not paid yet when their application has just been sent.


HITBTC IS A SCAM. I have been trying to move coins for 3 weeks. there is no way this company does not realize this… SCAM SCAM BIG SCAM


As I read on TheCryptoSight today, it’s look really like HitBTC is in Trouble. The article is here.
So nervous, guys,


I was only telling my story, i held BTC and withdrew fine back then.

Currently I would not trust holding any crypto on HitBTC


Just getting started: https://www.talkbitcoins.com/talk-bitcoins/hitbtc-affiliate-system-scam/1731/
… more being added soon


I love the way coins rotate all around. Usually it takes seconds, sometimes minutes to process the withdrawal and that’s awesome. Surely, sometimes the coins have issues and you can check if they do: there’s a system status page that first of all shows the list of all the coins, and second of all, shows if the technical team is aware of ongoing troubles.