HODL Back Tester Google Spreadsheet


After building it, I realized that the one thing that always made sense was long term Hodl. Like 6+ months. Seemed to be a winning scenario every time.

Also, over diversifying was diminishing returns. Sticking to less than 8 coins seemed to work out better.

Last, it’s never too late to buy in. Everyone wants a deal, but miss that 17k is a deal on 40k coin!!


I’ve come to the same conclusion. There doesn’t appear to be much, if any, increase in profits going from 10 coins to 50 or 100. At this point, diversification is the primary reason to use a larger 10 coin, 15 coin or 20 coin portfolio.

I only did a few scenarios but from the tests that I ran, using 100% marketcap weighting seemed to give an increase of roughly 3% profit. However from the limited tests that I’ve done, I can’t say that would always translate.


These returns are so un-natural I’m questioning the math. It doesn’t seem possible.

Not that I’m doubting @cryptoBrad’s calculations, I’m just dumbfounded by these returns.

It's time to build generational wealth. What are your top 3 picks that will get us there?

Do the math. Solid stuff! :rocket:


results for 10k$ one time investment over the last year (from 01Jan2017 until today):
if holding top 10 coins, current value = 685k$
if holding top 15 coins, current value = 723k$
if holding top 20 coins, current value = 696k$
if holding top 100 coins, current value = 970k$ !
yet I kept reading that there doesn’t appear to be any increase in profit (@CryptoMoon). any idea why I see such different results?


Not sure. I’ve been running a whole slew of various timeframes and coin holdings. I do remember running a top 100 coin scenario and having it come out very well like yours but it seemed to be an anomaly at the time and I remember thinking the returns seemed great but not worth the hassle of trying to deal with buying, monitoring and holding 100 different coins at a time.

I think I ran top 60,70,80,90 etc. and the great result of the top 100 was because of something going on in coins 95-100. If I remember correctly, the result seemed like an anomaly.


I am having trouble with a few coins not automatically updating their daily value eg. IOTA, i have to update the values so my portfolio can reflect current values. Any way around this?


Blockfolio is a great mobile app to keep track of the live value of your portfolio.


I started using Delta to track, but I couldn’t upload my transaction history files from exchanges, I didnt want to enter my whole trade history manually. I think that feature is coming when the desktop app launches, which I think may be in beta for $ yearly subscribers.

Can you upload your transaction history from exchanges with Blockfolio? Can do it with cointracking.


Hi guys
I’m pretty new to the pub and since 1 month into crypto thanks to a friend who also was so wise and guided me here!^^
Been watching some videos in the past few days and also found this nice spreadsheet! <3
Thank you so much for that!

I would like to use it to keep track of my investements (mainly multiple 1 time investements to a certain time, since my budget is rather small atm)

Unfortunately I can’t select the exact date for the purchase and therefore missing out on some “dust”. I even know the exact share of my purchase but I don’t think I can add it right?

Thanks for the help cryptonation! :smiley:

Best regards


Am really having a hard time getting some of the top 100 coins to sync, and am having to go in an manually update the prices on some of them. Any thoughts or work around this? Thanks in advance


Hi, the sheet auto updates from a central source. Look at the CURRENT tan and see what the time stamp says in column G I think


Hey Brad, great work on the spreadsheet, I can barely do a simple addition!

I’m a little confused. Is the idea that you just bought a certain about of the top however many coins, and hodled. No rebalancing?

I have been trying to get my head around the rebalancing strategy in another thread, seeing if its worthwhile. But You just meant just the top ten at the time, and hold?

Also, wondering if this is still a good strategy this year. I have picked some coins I like mostly in the top 20 which I plan to hold, but looking for any strategy that means less work and fomo!

Thanks again for the work you put in :slight_smile:


Thank you @Lecomputer
This is buy and Hodl only.
I could work in a rebalance strategy but, that needs planning since to many variables are available such as, rebalance X% of portfolio to the new top N coins by market cap weekly, monthly, quarterly. While determining the balance at that time so you know what the reinvest was.

I’m going on vacation, but I might tinker with that idea and see if it can get into the page.


Thanks Cryptobrad. So do you use this tactic then of just investing in the top N coins and holding?

I’m a little confused as to whether your spreadsheet is pointing towards buying any of the top 10/15/20 coins with no regard to research or what the coin is etc. Or is it more about choosing good projects still?

As I know the rebalancing strategy is just about the ranking, not about the projects. Which is interesting, because if you were able to not research and make the same gains, it would save a hell of a lot of time! :slight_smile:


That’s an interesting topic these days. With some projects hitting the top 10 in market cap without much tangibility behind them, doesn;t make for a good strategy.

To answer your questions, "yes, this is merely buying blindly the top N by Market cap - without any research"
That said, it;s purely for educational and information purposes to be able to just have an idea of how the market performed. I wouldn;t suggest using solely as the way to decide which to purchase. I strongly suggest using good ol’d fashined research still.

As a side tangent, I’ve been watching this data and collecting it for my own testing to see trends and such. I can tell you that there are some interesting concepts emerging. I’m working with a friend of mine who has a decade of TA analysis on Forex, Stocks,Options, and now crypto, and we are co-developing and back testing some interesting strategies. However, in all cases, they still require research to find quality projects. I don;t think it would ever be safe to buy without research personally.

Stay tuned to the pub. As i have more in terms of a sheet to share publicly, it will surface here.


Thanks Brad

Sounds like you guys really know what you are doing. So I’ll await your new ideas and projects, as Im quite new and exploring all avenues!

Thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:


On the My picks tab is there a way to keep the calander current? it ends in mid february


Hi, it’s been updated.
I’m working on pulling data from a different source so it should be better in future


Reminds me of an analogy that Andreas shared in one of his talks…He compared Bitcoin and crypto community development to working on the engine of a plane while it was in the air lol…