HODL Back Tester Google Spreadsheet


According to the back tester, it shows that being very profitable.
HODL is the key in both 1-time and recurring investments

Not a downside, but a counterpoint is that you don’t acquire any new coins as they come out…


yo the man ! thanks man!


Hey dude, so there are 7 coins i want to invest in roughly $20 each per week

When i changed the cell 1B to 7, some of the coins values became 0? could you help?



@Rickyzan you have to remember, if you invest over time…the TOP N Coins will change over time…so you will have zeros in some places…thats totally OKAY


Thanks Dude!

Appreciate it


Loving this sheet dude!!! however american date formatting is doing my head in…


@firefight great feedback…Let me change that…watch it live…



very much!! was seriously struggling with it lol


“We develop in production”…keep the suggestions coming!


Sheet isn’t updating for Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) any ideas?


The PUB/Nation is super Thankful!


@Firefight interesting…it;s not on the list here: https://coinmarketcap.com/ as of this post
(I see Bittrex says WALLET MAINTENANCE…maybe part of the problem?? )


It’s live pricing, so when it comes back to life, it will resume recalculating.


It is on the list number 131. Does it only take the first page of coins?


Yes, I see it at #131 today.
It grabs Top 100… I can adjust that in the next version to get like top 200 maybe 300…but formula will not grab all…


can this be a parameter into the api call? Enter a figure into a cell which is used for the web request?

edit: I think I see what you are doing, the API is a GetAll and you are just filtering it…maybe the filter can be paramatised .


I think I’ve got it figured out in the new version…I have 200 pulling in…working on getting published today


Brad, great work! Appreciate you brother


Never mind the sistine chapel, this is the masterpiece.
If one would have invested a 1 time 10 000 USD on the 1st of January into 10 coins (1000 USD per coin), it would have generated in 8 months 174 000 USD, insanity.


That would be super cool!


Cool as. It’s great to be part of a community that can rally the brainpower to the benefit of all. Big thumbs up guys and girls