HODL Back Tester Google Spreadsheet


Thanks for this spreadsheet CryptoBrad - great work!


First off FANTASTIC JOB this is a life changer.

Now I had a play and if you go from Jan 1st to Aug 27th thetop 3 coins YTD net best return at 820.91%.

Anyone found a better thing to do long term?

Short term?

One off purchase?


Thanks for sharing and putting in the work! That is an awesome spreadsheet. Looking forward to trying it out. It doesn’t allow me to change the day from let’s say Sun to a Fri. Is it possible to make that be an option? I was also looking for a spreadsheet that allows be to track one time inputs for different coins on different days. This spreadsheet doesn’t allow that right? Thanks again! to the mooooooooon!


Currently, it only allows choosing a Sunday (that’s all the data CoinMarketCap has)

Also, the sheet auto selects the "TOP N COINS"
As for choosing your own coins, that is something that I am hoping to add to Version 2.


Hi Brad, that’s a brilliant piece of work - congrats on that :slight_smile:
Correct me if im wrong, does this just calculate the top N coins by looking at the top N market cap coins?

Just trying to figure how best to plan my investment :wink:

Cheers, & keep up the good work guys



@bbjunkie Thank you!

Yes, this only does TOP N COINS per week…uses CoinMarketCap.com data

The idea is to make decision around empirical data vs emotional.


The profits are insane! My only problem is that my mind always expects the worst and I end up thinking that the “good times” are over, and the second I invest the coins are gonna have a massive pullback and I’ll end up holding for half a year to break even…

My question now is if I should wait and see or just do it. I expect you guys to say just do it, but I would hate to go negative straight off the bat…

Another question is if I should just go for a set number of the top coins, or go into bitcoin first hmm. Both options, had I done them at the start of the year, would have given me a very nice profit. I don’t know what to do!


So much power. You get a boost!!!

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This is such an awesome tool! I thank my lucky stars I found thebitcoin.pub community. I’m learning so much here rather than randomly picking how to crypto videos from youtube. Thanks everyone!


YouTube is really getting out of hand with advertising restrictions…


A BIG THANKS to YOU for it!!! :muscle:




Wow, this great! :grinning:

i thought my spreadsheet was complexed, but this one takes the cake. It ties right into my spreadsheet, now i can have even more data to analyse and make my decisions.

Thanks @cryptoBrad

good looking out for the community!


i have a problem… i have a problem!!!

I can only give this one like. i’d like to give it 1,000,000.


@cryptoBrad this is amazing, thank you so much.

You mentioned about an update coming, will this include the price of the coins vs BTC? Looking at USD is an awesome way to gauge profits, but comparing to the price of BTC is even better I believe.

I have built a basic spreadsheet that allows me to track my purchases, overall gains in BTC / USD / AUD (I am Australian), and seeing if I would have been smarter just to leave it in BTC helps me control my FOMO when looking at other opportunities.


Hi @Simonbruce1974 yes, I have a portfolio tracker coming. I think we can make it do multiple currencies too.


@cryptoBrad sensational, I cannot wait. I love the community spirit where people create amazing tools like this and are happy to share them around.


By helping and attracting positive people, we keep the negative out.
It think that was @peter goal… A positive community that helps each other


This is the greatest thing ever. I might have to reinvest into today’s top 10/20 coins


I was using the first implementation of this still. Holy shit, I just downloaded the latest version and it’s so much better. Lots of cool new features.

Thanks again to @cryptoBrad for doing this :slight_smile: