HODL Back Tester Google Spreadsheet


Aim for the moon right?
Glad you like @Piranhi


CryptoBrad! This is awesome work! Thank you so much for sharing it! I’m sure the good karma will come to you :slight_smile:


I am speechless.
Thank you so much for this!


How often does this update? Mine is not updating


@silver-saver Glad you like it! It was something we threw together, kinda unexpected!


That’s a really good question!
Current prices should update every several minutes using CoinMarketCap.com
Historical should update every Monday by around 9AM ET

The amounts update everytime you change anything in the spreadsheet.

Let me know what you think might be off and i’ll take a look!


Is there if i dont want to do all top 10 coins, but instead I prefer to do select coins to look out for until next year? Like if I only wanted to do BTC, NEO and OMG? Thanks in advance Brad! I’ve been toying with this thing for the last few hours and its sick!!


Yes, that is the last Tab call "MyPicks"
It’s underdevelopment (i.e. i only started it last night)…some some things might not be fully baked…but it works for like 10 coins I think


I really like it. I am trying to add my own sheet to it but dont have the know how to make it work. Basically what I am trying to add is a transaction history and value page.

Something like this
Date…Coin…Coins…Value $…Value BTC…Value $ Now… Value BTC Now

Can keep a record of each transaction we have made and then have a section for total USD invested. Total worth now in USD and BTC and percent gain or loss.

Would this be hard to add?


Hi, I am working on a “Portfolio Tracker:” that will come out as a separate sheet


Oh My God @cryptoBrad

You know I probably commented on this post when you made this sheet

But after REALLY playing around with it this is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! Tracking investments made so easy!!! Testing the market made so easy!! Jesus Christ its brilliant! THANK YOU!!


I love you! <3

Would be an amazing tool to have.


Google Spreadsheets > Excel? Just curious thanks


Thank you! Much appreciated!
It’s no coincidence that having data makes it easy and faster to grasp.


Google sheets only due to some non traditional formulas.


its cool. I like it. Great work.


Thank you so much for sharing this amazing spreadsheet and analysis! It triggering many new insights for me. After testing around a lot and thinking things through I would love to commit and put into action a strategy in alignment with these findings. Given that I only have a very small amount of fund available for investing I would ideally like to invest a small amount into the current TOP 10 coins on a weekly basis so it can still add up over time.

I just tried doing a small trial investment (acquired 50$ worth of Ethereum due to lower transaction fees, transferred it over to Bittrex, converted to BTC, and identified the available TOP 10 candidates they have available on Bittrex to invest 1/10 of that small share.) But I quickly realised that this process in practice is very burdensome. So now I am at the point where I am considering if it makes more sense to either A) Save up and do the investments on a monthly basis instead or B) if the process could maybe be automated in a way to speed things up a bit.

This is my first post on this platform but I got really inspired by your spreadsheet @cryptoBrad and also the post and insights shared by @mwlang so I wanted to give it a try and ask if one of you here maybe has an idea if things could be automated to some extent e.g. by making use of the API provided through Bittrex and many other exchanges.

There are so many trading bots out there with all kind of clever or not so clever algorithms running inside. Now what I would love to see would be a very simple investment support bot. No complicated logic inside needed.
Simple use case: People buy Bitcoin/Ethereum manually on their portal of choice. -> Send it over to an exchange e.g. Bittrex. -> Now the bot/script can be manually triggered and take over the repetitive task of splitting up the just transferred amount into equal parts and investing them into the relevant currencies (this part can be with user support as well) to help people in actually implementing an investing strategy similar to what your spreadsheet allows to analyse in hindsight. I am certain you get the idea. If the script could do the math of splitting things up into equal amounts and executing the relevant trades at current market rates that would be a HUGE help already.

Can you maybe share your opinion if that idea is feasible and if someone on this platform here is capable/interested to implement something in that direction?

Thank you so much for you amazing work and sending my very best wishes!!


@mawen12 Glad you like it!
I do understand the auto-invest idea. Some of us tech folks will need to look into it a bit and see what it all entails and ensure there are no security risks, etc…


We will need to look in the APIs provide by Bittrex for example. So, it is possible to create scripts using this interface (API) with their systems. I am not there yet, but I will take a look on what is possible this week.


I need to test it at some point…


@mawen12, if you only have a small amount to invest, you have to be ultra efficient with your limited funds. If you try @cryptoBrad’s spreadsheet with just the top 3 or 4 coins, you’ll find that that’s more profitable than all 10 coins.

Buying ETH, then exchanging to BTC then trading to the other currencies is going to eat up quite a bit in fees. So I would stay shallow to minimize fees for now so that you get maximum dollars into those coins. Coinbase allows you to buy BTC, ETH, and LTC directly with USD and schedule it for automatic buying on a schedule without getting into the APIs, so that’s what I’d do. Plus, limiting your focus to the big three will minimize your fees the most.

The benefit of only targeting BTC, ETH, and LTC is that you can easily set up scheduled buys from to those coins in coinbase without mucking with the API.

Later, when you have more funds, start going deeper and getting fancy when you have enough funds to way overshadow the fees involved.